How to remove old configuration files from iPhone or iPad

Old files on iPhone or iPad
Old files on iPhone or iPad

Many of you may not know about it, but it’s possible that your iPad or iPhone has one or more old configuration profiles installed and this could pose a serious security risk. But do not be alarmed, we will tell you how to remove the old configuration files from iPhone or iPad following a quick and easy procedure. We also recommend reading the tutorial on how to test the battery health of an iPhone.

In the past, it has already been widely demonstrated that an old configuration profile can be a victim of malicious people thus giving access to your iPad or iPhone. For this simple reason, it is recommended to know the profiles you have installed.

For security reasons, Apple recommends that you periodically clean up the configuration profiles you have installed.

How to find and remove configuration profiles on iPad and iPhone

  1. First of all, to start, open the Settings app and touch the General item;
  2. Scroll to the end of the list of options you find and tap Profiles and device management. You will also see the total number of profiles you have installed up to that point;
  3. The screen in question shows all the installed configuration profiles and other profiles. Touch the profile to view more details and, if necessary, remove it;
  4. If you find a profile that you do not remember, that you do not know or simply do not need it anymore, tap the Remove Profile item to permanently delete it from your iPad or iPhone;
  5. You will be asked to enter your passcode and then confirm the deletion.


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