How To Set An Alarm On An Apple Watch

If you are not aware, your Apple Watch can be an amazing alarm clock. For those that do not know to set it on their watch, the process is not complicated in any way. It is very straightforward but there are a few factors to consider if you want things to go smoothly. See How To Set An Alarm On An Apple Watch:

How Can I Set The Apple Watch Alarm?

Set Alarm On Apple Watch
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Adding an Apple Watch alarm is simple and the Apple device even lets you add various alarms at different times of the day. Do this:

  • Launch the Alarms application (orange icon with an alarm clock) on your Apple Watch.
  • Click “Add Alarm.” You might have to swipe to the bottom if you have alarms already.
  • Click on the hour or minute indicator and make use of the “Digital Crown” to swipe to the preferred alarm time. It will instantly switch between AM and PM if you’re using 12-hour time.
  • Click “Set” and it will create and activate the alarm.
  • If you wish, you can click controls on the next screen to set a repeating alarm, label it, or deactivate the option to “Snooze.”
  • If you wear your watch to sleep and don’t want any alert sound, activate silent mode (the bell icon in Control Center).

How Can I Set Alarms On Both My Apple Watch And iPhone?

Set Alarm On Apple Watch
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There could be times when you wish the same alarm on both your Apple Watch and your iPhone, the process is not complicated as well. See how:

  • Set an alarm on your iPhone.
  • Launch the Watch application on your iOS device.
  • Under “My Watch,” click “Clock” and activate “Push Alerts” from your iPhone.
  • Henceforth, all alarms you set on your iPhone will be seen on your watch and it can be erased from there as well.

How Can I Set Up My Apple Watch As An Alarm Clock?

Set Alarm On Apple Watch
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If you wish to use your Apple Watch as an alarm clock regularly, this is a dedicated mode for that. Just make sure your charger is closeby to set it up. Then:

  • Launch the Watch application on your iPhone.
  • Under “My Watch,” click “General” and activate nightstand mode.
  • Connect your Apple Watch to its charger when you sleep. The time, charge, and any active alarms will be visible. You can click the screen to view this again.
  • As soon as your alarm sounds, just press the Digital Crown to snooze for 9 minutes or the side button to deactivate the alarm.

That is that.

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