How To Track A Lost Or Stolen Phone In Nigeria

Track Lost Phone Nigeria
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These days, several phone users are scared of losing their smartphones to thieves, or worse, misplacing it because of their own carelessness. We can understand because our mobile devices are not just expensive nowadays, they are also home to a large amount of vital personal information.

The reality is that no one wants their accounts, passwords, and private pictures to get into the wrong hands. However, not to worry, if your phone gets stolen, all hope is not lost because you can track it for recovery. See How To Track A Lost Or Stolen Phone In Nigeria:

How Can I Track A Stolen Phone In Nigeria

Nowadays, you can quickly locate stolen devices via built-in tools that only need the use of location services and the internet.

How Can I Track My Android Device In Nigeria?

For Android devices and tabs, Google has a “Find My Device” utility ( to help users. If your device is connected to the internet and the stealer is yet to log out of your account, the tool can track it seamlessly.

Also, you can remotely wipe all the data from your device or trigger a sound alarm. You must be quick about it though because everything has to be done before the thief logs out of your account.

If you fail to act fast, however, there is a final solution, and it involves checking out the last location your device was at. Just head to Google Maps and choose “Your Timeline.” You can also follow this link Right there, you will be able to view all the places you had ever gone to, including the latest spot where your device is being used. That information will surely help you to narrow down your search.

How Can I Track My iOS Device In Nigeria?

Apple also has solutions for users who misplace their devices. Their own utility is named “Find My iPhone,” and it lets you lock your device and track its location easily. You can also erase all your data remotely with it. It does not matter if your phone was switched off when it was stolen, these actions will be completed as soon as it is powered on.

Track Lost Phone Nigeria
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Can I Track My Phone With My Phone Number In Nigeria?

Sadly, it is impossible to use a Nigerian phone number locator to find your stolen device. A few sites will tell you they can do it, but it is all lies. The frustrating reality is that your card is most likely destroyed and various Nigeria phone number tracker websites are very fake.

Best Mobile Phone Tracker Apps In Nigeria:

1. Android Lost App:

It might be small in size, but it is very effective. With it, you can check on your phone number through a website or via an SMS. It possesses the normal phone lock, trigger sound and vibration features alongside an uncomplicated UI.

2. LocateMyDroid:

In addition to the regular features, it also comes with an option that allows you to send a “GPS flare” if your battery is close to being dead. It is simply a text with an “attention word” and the notification for if the SIM card has been switched.

That is that.


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