Affordable Huawei Band 2 Pro Fitness Tracker With V02Max That Measures Fittness

Huawei is popularly known for manufacturing of top-end smartphones and other related accessories, and also capable of making excellent wearables. Recently it launched two new fitness tracker, the Huawei Band 2 Pro, and the more basic Huawei Band 2. The former which looks like a blend of Fitbit’s Charge 2 and Alta HR is relatively cheaper and much of the same feature and even more.

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Majorly designed for fitness tracking, the band 2 pro has some additional smartwatch features. A whole lot of features are incorporated into the device like continuous heart rate monitoring, built-in GPS and also an in-depth sleep monitoring.

Compared to other high-end fitness tracking devices that have its prices in the hundreds, the Huawei band 2 Pro costs just $70 and is available in various colors, black, red and blue. Its most contending feature is the V02Max measurement which is only available in some of the top priced fitness tracking watches.

The V02Max feature allows the Band 2 Pro to measure your fitness by assessing the maximum rate at which the body can take in oxygen and utilize it as energy. Unlike features such as measurement of calories burnt or step count, the V02Max value increases the fitter you get. Thus, serving as a great motivation and an excellent sign to show if your exercises are actually working for you. It does this by using analytical data acquired by heart rate and energy output in exercises like a stationary bike, treadmill or through GPS during your runs outside. The V02Max fitness level is measured with around 95% accuracy by heartbeat analytics technology firm Firstbeat.

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The PPG heart rate sensor installed underneath the body of the Band 2 Pro is used to get the V02Max reading when you wear the watch. The battery life of the Band 2 pro lasts for 21 days without the functioning GPS onboard which usually consumes lots of power and lasts only 3.5 hours when the GPS is in use.

Also, the platform makes use of the Training Effect stat to assess how each workout session impacts your fitness level and estimates your recovery time to offer when next you can go to the gym to avoid over-exercising. Huawei also teamed up with Firstbeat on a running coach, where a personal training plan is designed based on your fitness level, and stats the effect of your workout on your overall fitness.

The Band 2 Pro also uses Huawei’s TruSleep recorded data to monitor different stages of sleep including Rapid Eye Movement (REM). The data is presented on the Huawei health app dashboard and also a breathing coach with insights and mindful exercises. The band pairs with your Android device to give notifications as well as incoming calls alerts, reminder alert in case you leave your phone behind and display features a PMOLED screen showing fitness data

The Band 2 and  Band 2 Pro has 5 ATM water resistance that comes in handy for swimming. The Band 2 Pro is one of the best fitness watches you can find with a relatively low price compared to the features it comes with.

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