iPhone 14 Coming in 2022 – Here is What You Need to Know

Could it be that the iPhone 14 will come with features we don’t see in the iPhone 13? Possibly. Apple is wasting no time working on the new device although it won’t be revealed this year.

It appears that the transition from iPhone 12 to iPhone 13 will have a few small improvements, while iPhone 14 will have huge improvements. No one can actually tell for now. Word on the street has it that iPhone 14 range could spell a move into the future for iPhones.

iphone 14
iphone 14

These big changes should come for iPhone 13 some people suggest, but no, they have to wait till the new one comes in 2022. Things like the notch are expected to disappear at that time. It is rumored that a punch hole will house the camera of the device, especially the selfie camera. Others say that Apple may decide to put the punch hole under the display. Let’s wait and see how it pans out.

It is still more than a year from now when the iPhone 14 series are expected to arrive but for now, there many things that can change in the stream of time available before the iPhone 14 series arrive.

Some rumors claim that this year, Apple may change the name of the upcoming phone, and decide to change the name of the phone to iPhone 12S, bringing back the S nomenclature.

In this case, the 2021 iPhone could be 12S, while the 2022 iPhone release will be the iPhone 13. For now, it is better to still refer to the one that will be released in 2022 as iPhone 14, at least, until Apple comes out to finally announce the change.

One other change is that the iPhone 14 will debut the MagSafe system which allowed wireless charging through chargers clamping on the rear of phones. In addition to that, the iPhone 14 range will come as 5G flagship phones.

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