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Marvel Future Fight Game Review – Save the World With Your Team of Heroes

Marvel Future Fight was developed by Newmarble Games which works with Marvel Entertainment, and this is the reason why certain features in the game had influence from Marvel. One of those features worthy of mention is the brand new and captivating story with all fan-favorite characters that the game brings on. Disney is also involved in the game so it’s a complete package. The game can be played in both single and multiplayer mode and it can be described as a role-playing action game. The action side of it involves you fighting with the numerous characters there.

Marvel Future Fight5
Marvel Future Fight

One interesting thing about the game is that it doesn’t entirely use the weapons system of fighting except for guns. Most of the fighting is done using character’s superpower like that of IronMan and the rest. The 3D action game brings in one place, the most powerful and gorgeous characters that exist in the Marvel universe. You’ll have encounters with Nick Fury, who came from the future and has a mission to call out all the superheroes and wicked people of the world and make sure that the multi-universe is prevented from collapsing.

The game boasts of much content and there are top Marvel characters there including Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Avengers, and much more. You can play with these characters and fight with their unique moves and abilities and with them, you can build your own team to fight against the raging opposition. You launch an attack against those popular villains like Doctor Octopus, Ultron, and Loki. The great storyline which was done by best-selling Marvel comics writer Peter David puts players in the midst of immersive action.

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Marvel Future Fight

You start the game with the first set of characters featuring Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America. As you progress in the game, more characters will be unlocked from the nearly 40 characters that are available in the game. The developers still have plans to expand with more characters with future updates. How do you unlock these characters? By collecting Biometrics! Biometrics are collected via regular playing of the game or when you purchase boxes that hold randomly generated rewards. By gathering enough Biometrics necessary to unlock a particular character, you can have them unlocked. Increase the character’s Biometrics by collecting more and you give them a boost in strength.

Future Fight is really based on RPG progression as each character can be upgraded in many aspects. You can equip gems that boost their abilities and you can also boost their gear or basic stats. It is also possible to master new abilities and skills so that the Iron Fist you have is totally different from that of another person.

Marvel Future Fight4
Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight has graphics that look good. Every Marvel hero, minion, and villain is correctly and carefully represented. The animations are smooth and play well. Allowing the game to auto-play brings on a cinematic mode with action so vivid that you start to think if you could play so good. Coming to controls, when you’re not playing action, you simply use the button to select. The action part presents you with attacks on the right-hand side of the screen and movement D-pad on the left side. By holding down the default attack, you will be moved automatically to your nearest enemy which you can inflict attacks on.

Marvel Future Fight2
Marvel Future Fight

Overall, the Marvel Future Fight game is a cool and fantastic game. For lovers of Marvel titles, this game will serve as a means to be involved in the action of its characters. What’s more? The graphics are also cool and if you want to be in the world of those Marvel’s characters, Future Fight is an opportunity.

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