Ntel’s Data Plans – Prices And Supported Devices

Nigeria’s most advanced 4G Long Term Evolution(LTE) Network, Ntel on Friday announced the commencement of its service in two Nigeria states – Abuja and Lagos and will continue to spread throughout the country in some months.


We have witnessed Ntel’s first public ultra-fast mobile broadband packed with unlimited internet offers and has a download speed of up to 55.13 Mbps and can upload at a speed of about 24.40Mbps.

The Ntel chief executive said the company’s 4G/LTE-Advanced technology built on the 900/1800 MHz spectrum would deliver an unbeatable and game-changing customer experience of high-speed internet access up to 230Mbps.

Ntel Data Plans and Price

Here is a full list of Ntel data plans with prices and duration:

Ntel Data plan

Compatible Phones

  • Obi Sf1
  • Google Nexus
  • InnJoo Max 2
  • HTC One
  • TecnoBoom J8
  • Gionee M5
  • Tecno Camon C5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Infinix Zero 3
  • Infinix Note 2 (2GB Ram version)

Since the listed smartphones are 4G LTE enabled smartphones, then I’m pretty sure that their plans is compatible with every 4G LTE-enabled smartphone.

Reserve Your Ntel Number Today

You better don’t let this pass you by. Many individuals have already been reserving their own Ntel number as there is no info on where to buy Ntel sim cards. You too can reserve your number on the Ntel official website for pickup when ready. Quickly do that here, if you haven’t done that.

reserve ntel number

Places to pick up numbers currently are Abuja, Lagos, and Portharcourt.

We are very excited about their data speed, but to fellow heavy data consumers, here is their FAIR USE POLICY (important policy are highlighted in bold)

1. Ntel is committed to providing our customers with a fast and reliable service hence, we have taken steps to implement our Fair Use Policy.

2. This Policy shall apply to all our customers (pre-paid and post-paid).

3. Our Fair Use Policy is aligned with the best industry practices of global telecommunications providers and is subject to change without prior notice.

4. This policy allows us maintain the quality of our mobile internet service and give all ntel customers fair opportunities to enjoy our network.

5. Customers likely to be affected by this policy are those who generate large volumes of traffic; often have file-sharing software or peer-to-peer/torrent apps on their phones or tablets; and download large-format files such as music, videos and movies consistently.

6. At peak periods each day, any customer who has used a total volume of 3GB will be slowed down to 512bps.

7. We reserve the right to review these fair use levels from time to time.

8. We also reserve the right to limit or suspend service to anyone who uses or attempts to use the service in any way that may attract any sanctions or penalties.

9. We reserve the right to suspend use for fraud if such use has or may have a negative effect on our business.

10. Customers are only entitled to use our services for personal, non-commercial use. We reserve the right to impose network protection controls, limit the speed of, suspend or block your access to services, or disconnect you if your use is excessive and/or not in keeping with that reasonably expected of a private individual.

11. We may or may not notify you before taking any of the above actions.

12. The allowance set out in this fair use policy is based on bundles used within Nigeria. Any use when you are abroad will be charged at the relevant international rates.

The question now is that will Ntel be able to compete with other service provider s like MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, Smile 4G, and Spectranet who are already in the game? What do you think?

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