How To Replace Diamond Bank Mobile App With Access More App

After Access Bank and erstwhile Diamond Bank merged on April 1, 2019, to become a single larger bank, they have been making progress in putting both lines of customer accounts from both sides under a unified front. Aside from unifying the logos of the new owner bank and the erstwhile bank together into a new logo, Access bank also made moves and combined both bank’s mobile apps. As part of its plans to ensure customers are granted simple access to their money to carry out their preferred transactions smoothly amid the coronavirus pandemic, popular and reliable Nigerian financial institution, Access Bank PLC has unveiled a new and brilliant mobile banking application, Access More App as the new app for this new birth to meet the unique needs of all existing customers.


Access More app comes with unique and latest features to put the bank in a high place on the digital banking radar. Ease and speed is the major headline for this app as it makes use of the latest cutting-edge technology to provide personalized banking services to users on their devices, cutting the need to frequent the physical bank. It also comes with a more efficient mobile customer service experience to assist with resolving disputes right in the app.

The old erstwhile Diamond Bank Mobile app and old Access Bank Mobile apps are still functional within the grace period, up till 2022, given to enable all customers before merging the banks to have enough time to migrate to the new AccessMore app. So while there is no rush to delete the existing apps that you are already familiar with, there are many features you are missing out on already as you are not using the AccessMore mobile banking app. Besides, the earlier you migrate and start using the app.

If you are not aware, the AccessMore application provides an exceptional banking experience. It is built on cutting-edge tech while providing tailored and customized services, ease of use, and a remarkable customer experience.

The app comes with a beautiful UI and customizable dashboards that are easy to use and available for download on Android PlayStore and iOS Store.

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How to migrate to the Access More App

Switching from your old Diamond Bank or Access Bank app to the new Access More app is easy. All you have to do is follow the subsequent steps.

  • Open the mobile app store on your device (Playstore for Android and iOS Store iOS users).
  • Click on the search icon or search bar, type in the app name “Access More,” and click search.
  • On the store page that comes up for the app, click on install, and your app should install within minutes. (or just head to the Android or iOS store).

After downloading and installing successfully, logging into the app depends on whether you are a new user or an existing customer.

Activate The Access More App:

For existing customers, open the app and log in like you usually do with the previous bank apps you were using. Just input the login credentials you were using on either Access Bank or Diamond Bank mobile apps and click on login. 

For new customers, you need to create an account on the app first. To do this,

  • Open the AccessMore app you just installed on your device.
  • Click on sign up
  • On the next page, Select Unique User ID and Password.
  • Create your PIN to use and authorize transactions on the app. This will require a kind of authentication to verify that it is you, so you can either use your card to this or opt to receive and input an OTP that will be sent to your number.

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Activate The Access More App As A New Customer:

  1. Head to the Android or iOS store.
  2. Download the AccessMore application.
  3. Choose “Sign Up” to register.
  4. Choose “Unique User ID” and “Password.”
  5. Create PIN with card or OTP sent to your phone number/call Access Contact Center (01-2702005).

Tap here for an overview and the Terms & Conditions for the Access Rewards Program, and tap here to download the indemnity form.

Do I need to delete the existing apps now that I have the new App?

Deleting or not the old Diamond Bank and Access Bank apps after downloading and migrating to the new AccessMore banking app is a choice that is up to you. All three apps run independently and are not in any way affected by the existence of the other on your device. So if you feel you still like how the old apps function and you still want to be using them, you can do it with no hitches.

What will happen to my old Access and old Diamond Mobile Apps)?

The old apps will still function optimally and are still available for downloads and updates on app stores until 2022, when they will be discontinued.

Why You Should Switch To AccessMore App:

Features of Access More App

As earlier said, the AccessMore app is built on cutting-edge technology, which means tighter security. Since banking processes require a high level of security, tighter security on mobile has made it possible for some new features to be made available on the app as well.

With the development of Fintech solutions all across the globe, you’ll agree with me that banking is now quicker, simpler, and convenient. Recognizing this fact, Access Bank has been exploring several ways to ensure customers are guaranteed an amazing banking experience at all times.

As you already know, being innovative and tenacious has made Access Bank one of the best banks on the continent, and its new AccessMore app is further proof that the financial institution has cemented its place as one of the most brilliant digital banks around. See some of the best features to look forward to with the app:

1. Instant Account Opening:

One of the best features you’ll love about this application is that customers will be able to open an account without heading to the bank physically. Be aware that no paperwork will be required, and everything will be completely stress-free. This doesn’t just concern personal accounts, and business accounts are covered as well.

2. Dubai Visa Application:

Do you need a banking application that will let you process a Dubai Visa application without leaving your house? Well, the AccessMore application can definitely make that happen. This app doesn’t limit what you can do to transferring cash, purchasing data, or airtime. If you need that Dubai trip badly right now, Access Bank makes it totally uncomplicated to apply for your visa. Just download the app to make it happen with simple instructions:

3. It Helps You Save:

The AccessMore application also helps you to save, especially for those who find it hard to set money aside for rainy days. The steps involved to make this happen are easy; just type in how much cash you want to save at a specific period of time and the application will help you to reach your target. The app even helps you to monitor your spending while improving all your financial decisions.

4. Foreign Currency Transfers:

If you’re all about making international transfers, the amazing news is that the AccessMore application also helps you to send cash abroad whenever you want. This can be done on the go, making the app a brilliant innovation most people won’t see coming.

5. Flight Booking:

Booking a ticket to any destination of your choice across the globe is also possible with the AccessMore app. With it, customers are allowed to book a flight ticket from and to any country in the world, and the process is super quick and simple.

6. Theme And Colour Scheme Customization:

Do you want a banking application that absolutely fits your lifestyle? The AccessMore application provides a lovely mixture of colors and themes. It allows users to alter these colors and themes however they please to suit their preferred mood at any point in time. The beautiful colors will definitely make your account more lively.

7. Customizable Dashboards:

You can easily modify the appearance of your dashboard whenever you feel like it as well. Users will be able to add and arrange prompts according to how regularly they make use of them.

Some other features available on the AccessMore app include:

  • Instant loans feature that allows you to apply for and obtain a loan right in the app.
  • Schedule payment feature to time payments you want to make ahead to proceed automatically when desired.
  • Target savings
  • Secure Face ID feature for easy and secured login for devices that support face ID.
  • Bancassurance
  • XclusivePlus Subscription
  • Digital Marketplace (Central by Access)
  • LCC Balance Enquiry as Quick Service

There are multiple payment features such as:

  • Nearby payment (via Bluetooth technology)
  • Quick Order/Restaurant Payment
  • Self-Pay QR generation for Intra-bank Transfers
  • Credit card repayment
  • AccessAfrica feature, which allows ease of payments in different currencies across Africa and beyond. You get to make payment in your local currency or US Dollars, and the beneficiary receives the payment in their local currency or US Dollars.
  • Access Rewards are also available on the new app.


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How AccessMore App Stands Out From The Existing Apps?

It provides more features and benefits to customers that help to create a fantastic customer experience.

Transaction Limit On The AccessMore App:

  • The individual transaction limit is N5M daily (N1M per transaction.)

Request For A Token To Use The AccessMore App:

  • To do that, call Access Bank’s contact center on 01-271-2005-7, and you’ll receive your soft token immediately.

What Will Happen To Your Diamond Mobile App?

  • Be aware that the application will keep working till December 31, 2021; therefore, customers will have enough time to migrate to the new AccessMore app.

Can I Still Download The Old Diamond Mobile App?

  • Yes.
Do I Have To Delete Existing Apps Now That I’ve Downloaded The AccessMore App?
  • No. You don’t have to get rid of existing applications after downloading the AccessMore app because they all run independently.

About Access Rewards on Access More

Access Rewards is a feature exclusive to the Access More app users that reward points for every transaction performed on the app. These points have monetary value and can be used to pay bills or buy airtime, and complete other app transactions.

To enjoy the access rewards on the Access More app, you need to navigate to the Access Rewards feature, click on it and accept the terms and conditions. After that, any transactions you perform will reward you some points depending on what type of transaction you did.

One point is equivalent to ₦1, and the points you receive as rewards are stored in your reward wallet in the app. At the end of every quarter, points that are not used will expire. To use your reward points for transactions, select what transaction you want to do, like buying airtime, and then choose your reward wallet as the source account for the transaction you are performing.

Register On Access Online:

On your mobile or web browser, head to Once you get there, tap “Internet Banking (Individual)” at the top-right corner of the page and adhere to the instructions below:

  1. Type in your valid Current/Saving Account number and then “Submit.”
  2. You’ll receive authentication to your mail ID and smartphone through SMS.
  3. You’ll then be asked to type in the Activation Code and Submit.
  4. As soon as a valid activation code gets on your phone, you’ll be directed to the next screen, where you’ll be able to select your ID, Password, and Secure Image.
  5. Accept the Terms & Conditions and Submit.
  6. You are now ready to enjoy Access Bank online banking to the fullest.
access more app

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Access Bank PLC is known to be one of the most innovative banks across Africa, with over 37 million customers and about 600 branches across the nation. The financial institution is blessed with lots of products and services tailored to aid the lifestyles and fulfill the needs of its customers across several segments.

There you go, if you are looking for how you can replace the Diamond Mobile App with the brand new AccessMore app, you now know what to do and how to go about it.