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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have long charging times?

The appointment, as many of you already know, is set for August 9 – that will be the date when Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be official and will show off the many news that we are talking about in recent weeks.

Among these stands out the increase in battery capacity that should register a new record in the whole history of the Galaxy range. More specifically, there is the insistence of a 4,000 mAh battery, or at least not less than 3,850 mAh. Certainly, a nice step forward compared to the last values that have made the Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S9 recorded.

Well, today a tweet by IceUniverse has a bit ‘turned off the enthusiasm for details that have not been taken into due consideration by insiders. Ok, the 4000 mAh battery but what happens with the charger that will be supplied?

The well-known leaker, which in recent times seems to be gaining credibility, speaks of an EP-TA200 charger for the future Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Not a great news, considering that the accessory in question does not go beyond a 10-watt charge and that, therefore, will be on the levels of what we have even seen from Samsung Galaxy S7 onwards. As IceUniverse himself points out, they are clearly among the lowest on the market, at least if they are considered devices of a certain level, with the exception of iPhone. In short, with a 4,000 mAh battery and a seasoned charger, charging times could become biblical.

Small side note – today, a famous manufacturer of covers with a render of its next accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has, in fact, confirmed what was now given for sure. The sensor for fingerprints, as happened with the Galaxy S range, will have a new position on the back of the smartphone, just below the two rear cams, in an area much more comfortable for the user.

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