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The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with an extreme screen-to-body ratio

It would not be a week that we would not talk about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 that could be introduced by the company at the beginning of the new year. A few days ago, it was revealed that the Galaxy S9 would come in two sizes, with the addition of the Plus option packed with more RAM and a dual camera on the back. More interesting information is now available on upcoming models.

According to the SamMobile source, the Galaxy S9 will offer a screen-to-body ratio of up to 89-90%. If you do not know what it means, this ratio means how much space the display occupies compared to the size of the device. Incidentally, such a Galaxy S8 has offered itself thinner frames around the display, making Samsung the right balance of the body to a good 84%.

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In order for Samsung engineers to further reduce the size of the phone, Samsung will obviously be forced to crawl the lower frame, while the top frame may be a bit narrower than this year’s Galaxy S9.

The information itself is not official at the moment, and it is just a leak, so it needs to be overlooked. Nevertheless, it looks like Samsung remains faithful to its current design, but will still enhance this design for better functionality and practicality.

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