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What is the Samsung ISOCELL Dual Sensor? What kind of smartphone is it for?

What is ISOCELL Dual Sensor? Samsung has introduced the new ISOCELL Dual Camera sensor that comes with complementary software solutions. This dual-image sensor supports light adjustment and is able to capture better images under low light conditions.

ISOCELL Dual Sensor will help many smartphone capable of capturing virtual fonts like high-end devices

What is ISOCELL Dual Sensor?

Samsung said – Image sensor ISOCELL Dual is a bundled solutions proprietary software of Samsung that will bring two favorite feature for the camera on a smartphone – refocusing (bokeh photographic effects) and photographed with light Low-light shooting (LLS).

More specifically, ISOCELL Dual consists of two sensors – a sensor with the main camera resolution of 13 MP, combined with a sub-camera resolution of 5 MP to measure the depth of field, while the second sensor goes plus two 8 MP sensors to improve the ability to shoot in low light conditions.

Ben K. Hur, Deputy Director of Marketing for LSI Systems, Samsung Electronics, said:

“Dual cameras are bringing a new and exciting photo experience to mobile devices.

The overall solution of the ISOCELL Dual sensor from Samsung will make our partner’s product development process easier, allowing them to deliver the most unique dual camera features on multiple devices in multiple segments, That means reaching out to a wider range of consumers. ”

ISOCELL Dual will appear on any smartphone?

Previously, these interesting features only appear in high-end smartphones.

But now, thanks to Samsung’s ISOCELL Dual Sensor and proprietary software algorithms, it has been brought down to the mid-range and affordable smartphone segment, so that dual-camera phones will become more popular.

It is known that Samsung will provide the ISOCELL Dual camera sensor package for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) so OEMs will not have too much trouble integrating their dual cameras into their equipment. It takes time or money to optimize your hardware and software.

So, I think maybe this year, there will be many models of smartphones segment from Samsung or other brands equipped with dual cameras, so it does not only favor the high-end segment as before.

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