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Space Marshals 2 Game – Hunt Down the Bad Guys with Tactics

Pixelbite developed Space Marshals 2, which is a sequel to the original version. Just like the original game, this one is well designed. Not just made well, some certain features have been improved upon, and this sequel got a boost in its gaming experience. It is common to see an improvement in a sequel while some things go bad, but that’s not the case in Space Marshals 2.

The game story is a continuation of that of Space Marshals 1. The bounty is now on the Space Marshals, and there’s a need for them to get away from the bounty hunters. The hunters land on a planet closeby, and this is where you take charge, directing them through twenty missions. The main characters are here too.

Space Marshals 25
Space Marshals 2

The graphics have not changed much, so you’ll find Old West aesthetics coupled with futuristic Sci-Fi. The graphics are beautiful, colorful, and pleasing to look at. Pixelbite made sure they didn’t miss out on anything as regards this aspect. You’ll find a view that is made up of a wide area of crisp scrublands. Characters too are well designed. The sense of humor isn’t gone, and you’ll find it in the dialog. The gameplay is optimized well for smooth running, so you may not experience lags or stuttering.

Space Marshals 26
Space Marshals 2

Let’s dive into some other differences you will find between both games. One difference is that in Space Marshals 2, you can make stealth kills. By moving behind an enemy in a crouched manner, you can kill them, but that kill can be canceled out if you’re shot by other enemies. This makes the game more stealth in nature and so you have to do quiet kills sometimes. This added feature is a great improvement from the original. The launch of Space Marshals and its two content expansion saw Pixelbite working to make the game flow and work better and better. This is definitely the reason for this better Space Marshals 2.

What about the missions? They are now more simple and straightforward. Your attaining 5 stars can only be possible based on the number of deaths you have and your kills of big targets. Loots are available and you can gain rewards while playing. In the 20 levels, you’ll find secrets coins and hats which you can collect. The 20 levels of the game amount to approximately 5 hours of gameplay.

Space Marshals 22
Space Marshals 2

The controls are just the standard twin-stick shooter with one of them moving you around, and the other letting you aim your weapon. Don’t expect this one to be the type that lets you achieve a massive slaughter of bad guys and bullet shots because it isn’t. The unique thing about the game is that it has a tactical element. To perform a successful kill involves you sneaking about and predicting the enemy’s moves and actions instead of just shooting anyhow. You can also put distractions in place so that you smartly and quickly move in to kill your enemies without them being aware of your presence. The game isn’t made without character building, and there’s a focus on this. The game allows you to enhance and upgrade characters, body armor, grenades, and other weapons.

Space Marshals 21
Space Marshals 2

This game has action and coupled with the tactics you employ, and you can enjoy both worlds of strategy and enemies hunting. Though there’s something I’d have loved to be added, which is the multiplayer mode. It would have made the game more engaging, but in all, it’s a decent game and is worth playing.

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