This Is The Samsung Experience 10 Based Android Pie Interface

Samsung is yet to provide an official date when their devices will begin receiving the Android Pie update. It’s actually not surprising because they are not known for speeding up the operating system updates for using the Samsung Experience Launcher. The new Samsung Experience 10 interface has been criticized through the XDA Developer site and has brought some interesting changes.

Samsung Experience 10 Android Pie 1

For the first time, Samsung Experience will support the dark theme. This feature is first seen when using OxygenOS on OnePlus devices. This saves battery consumption on Samsung devices equipped with the SAMOLED screen. The on-screen navigation button also changes so it looks more minimalistic. Because Android Pie users, navigation buttons can be replaced with gesture-based control systems.

Samsung Experience 10 Android Pie 2

The multitasking screen now scrolls to the side as used on native Android Pie. On screen settings, there is an option for “Lift to Wake” feature. After many years of looking forward to this feature, it was eventually officially supported by Samsung. The camera interface has also been upgraded with a dedicated button for optical zoom replacing the previous “2X” button which is relatively small and difficult to access.

To view the full collection of all the new Nexus Android-based Samsung Experience 10 interfaces, you can visit the original bottom links below.

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