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Top 4 Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Our mobile phones can do lots of things and because of this, it creates numerous files. Taking pictures, recording videos, creating documents, and downloading media are things that can take up our phone storage space. With the advancement in technology that has brought about fast data speeds and excellent cloud services, we can now back up our files online. You have many options as an Android user to choose when you want to safely and securely back up files. Whether it is pictures, videos, music, important documents, or something else, there is a cloud storage app that can suit your needs.

Cloud Storage Apps for Android

  1. Amazon Drive

Amazon is a good cloud storage to start from for anyone who is a user of Amazon Prime. If you are a  user of Amazon Prime, you will already have 5GB of free storage alongside backup for photos and videos. If you want something larger, you can upgrade to unlimited storage for a fee of about $60 per year. This plan can also be used if you are not a user of Amazon Prime but the 5GB of storage and unlimited photo backup will run you $12/year. Sometimes you might encounter bugs but it works well and you can have access to your files online at any time.


  1. Google Drive

Android is a part of Google so nearly every single Android phone in the smartphone industry cones with Google Drive. It doesn’t only work for office-like files, it is your one-stop-shop for things you need to have readily online. You can do the sharing of items from your mobile email, sync from Chrome OS, upload in the web browser, and so much more. Folders can be created, you can set sharing permissions with other people, and allow rights to view or edit. There’s a free 15GB of space for everyone and you can upgrade as you need more.


  1. DropBox

This is an old one that has been long in the business of cloud storage. A free 2GB storage is offered by the cloud storage service but this can be made more by linking your Dropbox to social media and getting friends to sign up to the service. The business subscriptions of Dropbox lets users collaborate on work and in addition, allowing each person unlimited space in a personal Dropbox account. Other features included an enhanced function for file recovery and versioning and an add-on for Gmail.


  1. Microsoft OneDrive

To measure up to the competition with Google and other top players in the cloud storage market, Microsoft has this excellent online storage solution called OneDrive. It comes loaded with 5 GB of free space and 1 TB of storage for customers who purchase their OneDrive + Office 365 plans, which start at $6.99/month. You can have productivity in your work life as it grants you access to Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Employees can log in to OneDrive for Business and continue their work while on the go.


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