Top 5 Christian Wallpaper Apps for Android and iOS

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God’s word quickens our life and helps us stay on the right path of life. The power in the word of God can motivate us to become who we truly are in Christ. Your smartphone is a powerful tool that can help you get closer to God. There are different apps for Christians that can help grow your spiritual life. Among them are the Bible, Bible quizzes, Daily devotionals, etc. There are also apps that display beautiful wallpapers having God’s message on them and this is what this post is about. We’ve compiled 5 apps that can serve you with Christian wallpapers.

Christian WallPaper Apps for Android and iOS

1. ThanksGiving Bible Verses

We get to points where we are in difficult situations and thanking God may not come swiftly to our hearts. With ThanksGiving, you’ll have cause to thank Jehovah as it helps you in doing so. It doesn’t matter how messy that situation may be, this app has messages that will stir you to lift up songs of praise to your creator. Even in pleasant situations, the app will stir inspire words of worship in your heart. The app features HD designs suitable for iPhones and iPads. Saving images is fast and easy by just holding down the image.


2. Christian Bible verses wallpaper


This provides wallpaper tailored to the Christian way. It shows Bible verses on each wallpaper so that you get God’s word for the day. The word of God is powerful so are the words of God on the wallpapers to give your life a turnaround. It is a very great app though it does not have many Bible verses but it gets updated periodically. Save images by just holding them down. The wallpapers are saved in HD quality so you have a good view.

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3. Baptist Church wallpaper

This wallpaper app is loaded with many features. It is multi-purpose in nature. In the app contains categories such as Churches, Nature, Bible verses, etc. It displays wallpapers in HD quality so you have excellent graphics. Wallpapers are displayed with Bible quotes written on them so you have a reason to hold on to God. Over 200+ Christians wallpapers are constantly added to the app database.



4. Inspirational Bible quotes

This app is similar to the other Bible verses apps on this list but instead of Bible verses, it’s quotes are inspirational and will inspire you everyday and each moment. Go have a taste of inspiration and be uplifted. It features great WhatsApp Stickers App which can be used in your whatsApp conversations. It contains hundreds of wallpaper in HD quality that can be used as Wallpaper or saved to the gallery.


5. 100+ Holy Bible Wallpapers

Decorate your phone’s screen with Wallpapers having Bible themes. The wallpapers in this app are beautiful and motivating that will not only give you visual pleasure but will lift up your soul. The app supports iOS 10 and constantly receives an update.  Different categories are in the app such as New, Popular, Love, Thanksgiving, Spiritual that has custom Bible-based wallpapers.