Ways to Build/Create a Monorail in Jurassic World Evolution

One of the first things you will notice when you watch the first Jurassic World movie is the iconic monorail. This goes to show how modernized and complete the park has become from the first movie released. It makes sense that one of the first things we want to build in the game is a monorail.

Fortunately, the monorail can be created in the game, but it requires some tough requirements. The monorail isn’t something you would want to work on when you just begin the game, but you can definitely implement it on the first island.

Instead of the monorail being used as tourism of sightseeing in the game, it seems it is being used to make navigation through your park easier for visitors. It also boosts the rating of your park massively.

How to Build a Monorail in Jurassic World Evolution

First of all, to be able to craft the monorail, you will need to do some researching. The requirements are high with you needing $2,000,000 to purchase it. You will also need to have two research centers operational.

2 5Monorail under the research tab

Obviously, you can’t create two research centers in a single park. Now, here is where things begin to get complicated. First off, you need to get the first park to star rating 3. This will enable you to proceed to the next island in the game.

The next island is ravaged by storms and as soon as you get there, you need to do some repair work. Once you have that covered, you can then proceed to set up a research center there, as well as a fossil center. Power up the new research center and go back to the first island. You now meet the requirements for 2 research centers and all you need now is $2 million.

3 4Monorail Station under the guests tab

Once researched, you will see the monorail station under the Guests ab. It will cost you $200,000 to purchase. You can now proceed to create the tracks and connect it all as a loop.

You are expected to build more stations on the track to help visitors hop on from more locations in the park. Just as I mentioned earlier, this will also help boost the star rating of your park massively.

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