The best free dinosaur games for Android

If you like fighting dinosaur games, here you will find the best free dinosaur games for android phones, and many of them offer great fun along with good gameplay. They were created for the young and old in the house, knowing that these animals lived more than 200 million years ago on planet Earth.

History speaks a lot about dinosaurs after they existed many millions of years ago. Many films shot on these animals that were carnivores and herbivores, quite different, and lived up to about 65 years ago, as confirmed by various expert scientists in the field.

A very famous saga from which a game was also created is Jurassic Park, a child of a series of films directed by Steven Spielberg. Android has a ton of dinosaur games that eat people, hahaha… they have hit the Play Store in recent years, and many of them have had some success.

The best dinosaur games for kids and adults

Best Dinosaur Games
Best Dinosaur Games

1. Jurassic World- The Game

With Jurassic World- The Game, we can manage our Jurassic Park, creating our own dinosaurs, building buildings, and attractions. Quite reminiscent of Theme Park, a video game from many years ago, but in this case, the graphics are much better in every respect.

We have to feed them; we will also see clashes between dinosaurs in a very real view. The game seems never to end when you see its many game options. Jurassic World- The game has an online mode to compete against other opponents who have created their own park.

It has more than 150 different dinosaurs from the movie. When building, remember that you need to create an effective and efficient park, especially for dinosaurs’ evolution. Jurassic World- The Game has had more than 50 million downloads since it hit the Play Store.

2. Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is an augmented reality dinosaur game, a beautiful dinosaur game to collect this kind of legendary species, capture as many of them as possible, and do duels. The map is very similar to Pokémon Go, in this game, we can mix dinosaurs, and we have the ability to create new creatures.

Once you want to go into battle with your friends, you can get important and exclusive rewards, so always go to victory. You can explore the world with location-based technology just like Pokémon Go, and you will find many surprises around every corner.

We have a laboratory in which to create new races, invincible and, at the same time quite rare hybrids since by mixing them, you get a different race from the existing one. Jurassic World Alive has surpassed 10 million downloads, and despite not having the same success as the aforementioned Pokémon, many like them.

3. Dino Hunter- Deadly Shores

In Dino Hunter- Deadly Shores, our main mission is to hunt down dinosaurs, facing many of them with different weapons of all kinds. One of the buts is that we will not be guiding the avatar, but the best thing about this popular game is the ability to hunt down any available species, which is a lot.

Our journey begins on a Jurassic island; among the sites we will be there are the Shipwreck Coast, the Dinosaur Cemetery, and the lush jungle. Among the weapons available are the bazooka that does a lot of damage and expansion, the shuriken ball, and more than 20 different weapons to acquire during the game phase.

There are also snipers, to rifle high damage and guns to shoot often enough to your enemies that are dinosaurs of different races, where the T-Rex or Stegosaurus abound. Dino Hunter- Deadly Shores exceeds 50 million downloads and runs on Android 4.1 or later.

Dino Hunter- Deadly Shores is one of those carnivorous dinosaur games that enjoys impressive graphics, high-resolution textures, dynamic shadows, and realistic scenarios that make it a must-play shooter. It has been downloaded by 50 million people and received rave reviews from the community.

4. Jurassic Survival

Here the hunt for dinosaurs is for survival, as you lead a human character who must build his base to protect himself from attacks and freezing nights. Once you leave your home, you need to go to the jungle to hunt this rather nasty species.

You can dominate the dinosaurs, some will be more docile than others, help you carry wooden logs and carry out important tasks in the game phase. You have to eat if you want to live, drink water, fresh meat, for this you can hunt all these dinosaurs.

Building a fortress house will allow it to survive as long as possible as long as you are inside, do not build it too high for the flyers and not too low if you want to get inside. Jurassic Survival is one of the pretty fun free dinosaur games for kids that has gotten 10 million downloads since being on the Play Store.

5. ARK- Survival Evolved

One of the free carnivorous dinosaur games that require less important requirements is having 3GB of RAM on our phone and updated Vulkan support. ARK- Survival Evolved is a FPS in which we have to grow our village to have a perfect shelter to sleep and rest.

There is a chance to tame the dinosaurs before you finish them try this if you cannot, the best thing is to use your weapon against anyone who does not obey you. We will see more than 80 different dinosaurs in the history of this famous title based on the PC one.

In ARK- Survival Evolved it is better to use the best strategy, try to make them come one on one with you if you want to survive in the fauna. There is the option of joining a tribe to cooperate, which is beneficial if you want to move quickly through the jungle. Like other online dinosaur games, it exceeds 10 million downloads.

6. Google Dinosaur Game

This minigame created by Google was created for those users who are not connected. You can play it without an internet connection or download the application to your mobile from the Play Store. It weighs around 3.3 megabytes and already exceeds 10 million downloads since the Mountain View company uploaded it.

Note- If you want to play without an internet connection, open the Google Chrome browser, and when it says it has no connection and you see the dinosaur, press the left cursor or space bar to start moving the dinosaur icon.

7. Crazy Dino Park

Crazy Dino Park tries to manage a Jurassic park, we have to raise the eggs of our dinosaurs, which evolve and earn money with the entrance of the tourists who visit the park. We have other designated tasks, so the duration of the game is quite long.

Making puzzles to discover bones, fossils, and reviving long-dead dinosaurs is one of the things you can do. The graphics are quite fun, Cartoon type, and is one of the video games that hook to generate money in a park with different species.

As in others, we can combine different dinosaurs to get a new species that tourists visit. Crazy Dino Park, like all the other dinosaur games, got 4.4 out of 5 points, exceeds 10 million downloads, and has in-app purchases.

8. Dinos Online

In Dinos Online, you will fully manage a dinosaur and a tribe, protect everything by facing others who will try to get rid of everything that stands in their way. Find and hunt prey if you want to survive, earn your opponents’ respect with strength, and especially with claws.

Among the tribes to choose from are the following four, although another will appear if you advance- Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, Oviraptor, and Velociraptor. If you hunt successfully, the tribe will generate extra points, so you will get it too if others do the same.

Try hunting King Kong in King King Field, and you will receive a Tyrannosaurus award, but it is one of many on hand. The application file weighs around 47 megabytes, runs on Android 4.1 or higher, and reaches 5 million downloads.

9. Jurassic Monster World- Dinosaur War

Jurassic Monster World- Dinosaur War belongs to the robot dinosaur games category and dinosaurs are our best allies, with them as a couple, we have to fight in duels. We will have different classes to form the best team and launch attacks on whoever gets in our way.

We will find dinosaurs of a lifetime and mechanical robots that emulate those of a lifetime with similar dimensions and much power. The games are varied and diverse, as they can be land or air battles.

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