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What Nigeria Needs to Become Digital Leader in Africa

Nigeria is the giant of Africa in many things, and it has the highest number of internet users in Africa. That means it is capable of becoming a leader in the technology world but technology itself will not make Nigeria a digital leader. It is amazing that about 61 percent of the Nigerian populace are online because the country has one of the best internet penetrations on the continent.

The increase in internet use has enabled Nigeria to weather the COVID-19 storm better than some of her neighbors, while many work or study from home as other West African countries have not been able to do.

When it comes to social media usage, Nigerians are the second largest, next to Egypt on Facebook, and that can also be attributed to the fact that some of us can access Facebook without spending money on data. Providing more websites that can be browsed without data will also help to educate our young ones, especially about the dangers of the pandemic.

Innovative Democracy Rate Your Leader App
Innovative Democracy Rate Your Leader App

But it is seen that Nigerian business leaders need to learn more, as a recent report showed that 57 percent of Nigerian business owners were unable to identify a phishing email. Yet, this country has an unfortunate reputation for so-called “Nigerian Princes” online fraud, which exploits the use of emails.

It is a serious issue if business leaders who live and work in cities can’t recognize it when someone is trying to dupe them online. It means that an unprecedented number of internet users in Nigeria are vulnerable to misinformation.

Joel Popoola, a Nigerian tech entrepreneur, digital democracy campaigner, and creator of the free Rate Your Leader app said he created the app so that leaders can better provide good leadership.

The app puts politicians in direct contact with verified voters from areas where they serve, and it helps politicians understand what matters most to the people who elect them. They can also quickly respond to local concerns and challenges, and collaborate with local people to improve their standard of living.

The creation and use of the app will help Nigeria create leaders with vision, drive, and commitment to public service for the good of the masses.

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