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Which iPhone will stop updating in 2023?

Buying a NEW iPhone nowadays is not so simple, due to its price which has increased considerably in recent years. The solution ends up being to look for a used device or an older model, which is not so expensive and is still fully functional.

That’s because Apple is known for providing support for system updates for a long time, even those released more years ago.

For this reason, many have a curious curiosity: to know which iPhone will stop updating in the coming months.

iphone ios update
iphone ios update

Well, this is the question we will try to answer here.

Which iPhone will stop updating in 2023

As much as Apple maintains updates for years, there comes a time when the device gets too old to support so many new features, and therefore it stops receiving new versions of the system.

With the arrival of iOS 17, the next iPhone models to leave the list of updates will be those with the A11 Bionic processor, that is:

  • iPhone 8 – A11 Processor
  • iPhone 8 Plus – A11 Processor
  • iPhone X – A11 Processor

This has already been confirmed by Apple, so it’s official.

When will iOS 17 be released?

Generally, Apple releases the big update of the year on its system in September. So, it is very likely that the calendar will also repeat this year and everyone with compatible models will be able to install iOS 17 at this time.

Options for a Cheaper iPhone

If you are looking for an older iPhone, know that the models mentioned above will be the next to be without updates and it would be a shame for you to buy now a device that will soon not be able to receive any new features.

That’s why the iPhone 11 is one of the most sought-after by anyone who wants an older device that still performs well.

It is very likely that he will remain for another two or three years receiving new updates with the news.

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