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It’s been confirmed fact and feature, some massive changes and we have really worked to give you a dedicated article just on the iOS 13. Here is everything we know at the moment about the most significant change coming to the iPhone and the iPad.


The first version of iOS came out in 2007 and then from 2007 – 2013, for six years we’ve had the same design, style with an SKU. It started getting outdated, so in 2013 Apple released iOS 7, the most significant change ever to come to iOS and iOS featured a brand new modern and minimalist design, and iOS 7 was excellent!  Absolutely loved the changes, the thing is, we haven’t had a significant design change ever since. Yes the control center has been redesigned and the multitasking planner as well but other than that everything looks basically identical to how it looked in 2013’s iOS 7, and we’re in 2024 which means that iOS 13 wouldn’t be the equivalent of what iOS 7 was in terms of the release date with 6 years between each release.

It seems like we would also be getting a massive update overall with iOS 13 and probably the biggest feature here would be DARKMODE. We’re finally getting dark mode in iOS, I mean this is something that’s been requested for so many years now, and we’ve had nothing as of yet except on the Mac which looks really nice but honestly makes so much more sense when  you have it on the iPhones especially since on the iPhone 10, 10s and 10’s max we have only displays which means that whatever & whenever the phone’s displaying black those pixels are actually entirely turned off and that area means that the display will actually consume considerably less battery when in something like dark mode so yes by having the dark mode on the iPhone 10, 10s and 10’s max they would not only look so much sleeker but it would also make the battery life itself last longer.

ios 13 features dark mode

Now in iOS 12 there is a workaround so to say to this, go into the accessibility’s menu and you enable smart invert from there and what this does is that it would try to invert all the colors in all apps and since most of the apps have a white background it would invert those iOS’s to black, also any apps that already have a dark background smart invert would keep them black. This is indeed a nice workaround, but the only problem here is that it’s an invert so in many apps this would result in the actual inversion of some colors of photos and videos so you would get this negative photo style effect.

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When Apple has released dark mode to the Mac I was actually expecting Apple to release dark mode for iOS and Android, iOS 12 which they haven’t then in iOS 13 and luckily we’ve actually had many reports including one recent work from Bloomberg claiming that Apple would indeed be adding a dark mode to iOS 13. Finally, so do you expect all the main apps such as the notes, the calendar, the phone app, settings, home screen and more to support this new system-wide dark mode fully and then third-party apps would be getting access to the dark mode API so that they can implement dark mode themselves. If they choose to do so even though I do believe that Apple would be making this a requirement for every single app developer to fully support both the normal mode as well as the dark mode and if you look at something like Samsung’s brand-new skin I don’t know it is just looks so good they’ve also implemented dark mode in a brilliant way and it works throughout the whole system. So you know OnePlus also did something similar, so the only manufacturer that’s lagging behind is Apple. Now something quite interesting is that on the Mac dark mode is in pure black so it doesn’t really matter on the MacBook that much because they don’t have an OLED display so you wouldn’t really get any presaging advantages by using a pure black in the first place but you know it would make much sense.

iOS 13 Features Wishlist

I said before to have a true black dark mode on the iPhone 10,  10s & 10 Max and obviously the 2019 iPhones as well also, fun fact did you know that the dark grey that the windows have in dark mode on Mac OS actually match the color of the bar underneath the display of a MacBook Pro. You know the one that says MacBook Pro yeah they actually match but aside from dark mode what else would we be getting to iOS 13 what new features well there’s this new Bloomberg report that I did not mention before and in this one they also claimed that Apple would be making some improvements to Apple’s car play which is cool, but I don’t really care, so I don’t really care about car play. The biggest ones aside from dark mode or even more significant than that seem to be a redesign of the home screen entirely. This is something that I want so much more than the dark mode and I’m guessing some of you might as well because here’s the thing iOS ever since the introduction of iOS black in 2007 with the original iPhone it has always been the same thing basically row of apps on a home screen and that’s basically it’s you know an app launcher designed basically that’s it.

The only amount of customization that you can do on iOS is rearranging the icons which you cannot even do so that you want which can be really frustrating. You can put the icons in folders and then you can change the wallpaper but that’s the only customization that you can do in iOS, there are no widgets on the home screen you cannot leave any space in order for you to better view the wallpaper unless you drag up every single app icon and move it to the next page. So you know it’s always been this limited and keep in mind that iOS came out to 2007, that’s 12 years ago, 12 years ago and the principle is still the same as 12 years ago what I really like on Android is the fact that you can not only have widgets on the home screen, but it can also truly customize in the way you want. You know the apps themselves are always in the app drawer rather than all of them being on a home screen and I do like this a lot, the way the home screen works on Android just because like I said I can make it my own I can customize it in any way I want Plus having widgets and only the essential apps on the home screen is just so minimalist and so lovely.

Now, something quite interesting here is that on Mac quests you have the desktop, and then you also have the launcher which is the equivalent of the app drawer on Android, Apple already has this place on Mac OS where they store all the apps, and then you know the desktop which is separate, so they already have this which is not on iOS. It would make so much more sense you have this especially on the iPad with that more prominent display however luckily all the reports are saying that the iPad would be getting a huge redesign on the home screen in iOS 13 alongside the ability to have multiple tabs for apps, not just web browsers and also some file management improvements would possibly even access to storage which right now is heavily limited in files.

There are also a few smaller changes that Apple seems to be finally making such as are designed volume button which again hasn’t been redesigned since iOS 1,  I guess at the moment it takes up a large portion of the display in the middle of the screen and so yeah it’s very intrusive for when let’s say you’re watching a video and you just want to decrease the volume apparently and Apple would finally be making that smaller and similar to the way it works on Android with a very small volume bar at the top which would appear whenever you’re changing the volume and same applies for Siri. Which at the moment and also takes up the entire screen whenever you’re using it which is a really bad UI design I mean right now even if you have a large 12.9 inch iPad pro, Siri would still take up the entire display whereas on the Mac, for example, it only takes up a really small portion of that screen in the top right corner.

Apple is said to be redesigning Siri the series screen so do you expect something similar to how it works on the Mac, now of course that between the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad is the one that needs the most amount of updates because the only reason why I cannot use my iPad as my main device is because of the software, another hardware which interesting enough is more powerful than the 2017 tablet is that iPad Pro but a software file manager is basically unusable, Mouse support is non-existent. Even though the 2018 iPad Pro does have a USB type-C port, it does not support external hard drives and if you plan on doing any 4k video on this well get ready to buy an iPad pro with much storage because you’ll need it. So much support would be great we’re probably not getting 4K, but we are getting a redesigned home screen which is still highly needed something that I do hope that Apple would be adding to our 13 even though we’ve yet to have any leaks on this would be an always-on display for the OLED iPhones. This is something that we already have on Samsung phones and on some other OLED smartphones are running Android from Google and LG mostly essentially since you have an OLED display like I said before you can turn on and off individual pixels or than having to do that for the whole panel which means that we can actually have a clock always displayed even when the phone is in sleep and therefore also consume barely any battery life. You know I was expecting Apple to do this with the iPhone 10 and it always on display in 2024 but haven’t and then I was expecting Apple to do this with the iPhone 10s but it never happened so I really don’t know why it never happen because this is such a great and useful feature to have literally. The second biggest missing feature from iOS right after the home screen layout.

Finally let’s talk about supported devices what devices will run iOS 13 well there’s been this leak from the verifier which claimed that Apple will be dropping support from iOS 13 for the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6s as well as the iPhone 6 plus the iPad mini 2, the iPad Mini 3, the iPad air as well as the iPad Air 2 and the iPod touch 6th generation yeah lots of devices. You know these are the big updates that are coming and also because Apple wants to sell more brand new devices, and this leak was debated and personally I don’t really see apple dropping that many devices I would say that a might robbed the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 but more than likely not the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE because you know it has the same processor as a success in terms of the iPad’s. I believe that the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Air 2 would still be getting this updates the iPad Mini 4 because Apple is still selling it in 2024 at the moment and then the iPad Air 2 because it has a more powerful processor than the iPad Mini 4, does with the Apple 8X processor. Now Mac rumors have shared this report of users under websites, and there seems to be already quite a few devices that were running on iOS 13 this is normal you know we start seeing these devices quite a few months before the unveil and speaking of which iOS 13 would be unveiled at WWDC in June 2019. What do you guys think about iOS 13 so far and what do you think that Apple should be adding an iOS 13 what do you feel is lacking and missing.

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