Why doesn’t Apple want to adopt USB-C?

First of all, Apple loves to control its entire product ecosystem! Second (probably more important), the company gets a lot of money for keeping the old Lightning port. In case you didn’t know, Apple receives 30% of everything sold for the iPhone, thanks to this and other proprietary technologies.

Why doesn’t Apple want to adopt USB-C?

So we can talk about security, Apple wanting to control everything and anything, but what is really important in the middle of it all is the 30% royalty! This is because the Lightning entry is the way the manufacturer uses to ‘compel’ the payment of this same fee. After all, there are patents to protect the technology, so in order to sell products based on it, you have to pay Apple. In addition, there is a ‘digital tag’ chip in the connector, which transmits information about the connected device to iOS, so that the OS knows what to do.

In short, when you connect something to a Lightning port, there is a power supply and some signals are sent to identify the device. But after that, he doesn’t do anything else.

What does the USB-C port offer over the Lightning port? What are the advantages?

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Now that we’ve talked about why Apple loves its proprietary technology. Now let’s talk a little about the advantages that the USB-C port could offer.

Loading? The iPhone entry already offers this.

Velocity? The Lightning port already supports USB 3.1 (despite some problems). But does Apple need all this speed? After all, most USB-C cables on the market are still USB 2.0.

Video? Yes, this is an advantage! If Apple really wants to output video through the iPhone.

However, this is another way for Apple to lose money since the brand already sells adapters for this same purpose. (Although the Lightning port is too slow for video). In this world, Apple did something of a genius (terrible … But of genius!). The adapters sold by the company have an SoC inside, to increase the quality of the multimedia content. Not to mention that it is possible to stream wirelessly, so it turns out to be a ‘dead’ theme.

OK! But Apple has already put USB-C on the iPad Pro!

Okay, but that was a very thoughtful decision by the company, due to the fact that the iPad Pro is an alternative to the laptop. And in this world, you need a much wider range of connectivity. In this market, it makes more sense for Apple to bet on the capabilities of USB-C than to try to sell adapters.

No … It’s not due to the thickness!

Many fans in the Apple world will immediately say that it is all about keeping the iPhone slim compared to the competition. But that doesn’t make any sense… After all, the latest iPhone 11 is 8.1mm or 8.3mm thick. However, the Moto Z3 Play is 6.75mm thick, with a USB-C port, of course.

Why doesn’t Apple want to adopt USB-C? – Besides, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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