Xiaomi QIN 2 Pro Specs, Review, Price, All Details

After having a successful Xiaomi Qin 2 crowdfunding, the company came back on November 1, 2019, to launch an upgraded version of the smartphone- Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro. The new device features a beautiful compact design, adding a few more expectations to what fans would appreciate.

Xiaomi QIN 2 Pro – Specifications

Launch Date- November 2019 (The smartphone was officially announced in the same month)

  • Dimensions- 55.4 x 132.6 x 8.5 mm
  • Weight- 105 g
  • SoC- Unisoc SC9863A
  • CPU- 4X 1.6 GHz Cortex-A55, 4x 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex
  • RAM- 2 GB
  • Storage- 32 GB
  • Display- 5.05 in, IPS, 576 x 1440 pixels, 24 bit
  • Battery- 2100 mAh, Li-Ion
  • OS- Android 9.0 Pie
  • Camera- 3248 x 2448 pixels, 1280 x 720 pixels, 30 fps
  • SIM card- Nano-SIM
  • Wi-Fi- a, b, g, n, Dual-Band, Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • USB- 2.0, USB Type-C
  • Bluetooth- 4.2
  • Positioning- GPS, A-GPS

Further, let’s take a look at the endearing qualities of the smartphone below. We have done a lot of work in ensuring you get all the information you need about the Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro below.

Design of Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro

The smartphone is slender. Some have referred to it as a thin fuselage because it is just a simple 8.6mm device. In addition to that, it sports 22.5- 9 aspect ratio and a round angle that looks just as nice as its length. The screen size is a moderate 5.05 inches – not too big and not too small. Any teenager could hold this phone comfortably. There are various colors of black, red, white, and others for any who may want to compare colors.

Xiaomi QIN 2 Pro
Source- Smartphonew


One of the main features of this display is the IPS technology found on it. It is a multi-touch technology smartphone. In diagonal measures, it stands 1.88 inches or 47.64 mm in millimeters. Also, it is about 4.69 inches tall. The screen resolution is 576 x 1440 pixels. Furthermore, the color depth is 24 bit and that’s more than 16 million at the display.


This new generation of Xiaomi smartphone is moderate on the processor side. This device makes use of the Android 9.0 operating system. Better yet, this is built with SoC 8-Core ARM Cortex-A55, which has some of the improved performance over ARM Cortex-A53. The AI power in the smartphone is also noticeably increased. The process technology here in the device is 28nm, while there is a 64 CPU bit. For graphics, there is PowerVR GE8322, but the CPU frequency is 1600 MHz.


Like every other smartphone, this one has a fixed capacity for the RAM. This stands at 2 GB. This serves as the total Random-Access Memory (RAM) that can’t be increased. However, there is more to the storage as can be seen in the case of the internal storage which is 32 GB.

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Powering the Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro is a 2100 mAh Li-Ion battery. It is not removable by the user. The charger output is 5 volts / 1 amps. The phone comes with no fast charging technology. The battery and processor features are well balanced, enabling the user to be able to use the phone for at least 24 hours without charging.

Speaker and Call Quality

As the device has both loudspeaker and earpiece, we believe that it is a good thing. There is no exceptional feature to the sound of the Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro. Still, we can confidently reveal that the speaker and call qualities are just as effective as we found in the previous edition.

Software Features & Sensors

As stated above, there is an Android 9.0 operating system for this device. That is good enough, though the latest Android may still be installed on it at a later date. Similarly, the smartphone comes with a few sensors. They are proximity, light, and accelerometer.

Camera, Video, and Image Quality

There’s only one camera in this phone. It is 8MP, and that camera is located to the rear of the phone. No camera is located on the front. How disadvantageous is this? Looking at this area, we find that there is a LED flashlight in the camera features. This camera is able to snap pictures of 3248 x 2448 pixels. On the video side of things, the smartphone performs well as it is able to handle 1280 x 720 pixel videos, which snaps at the speed of 30 fps.

Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro Price

The official pricing of Xiaomi Qin 2 Pro is $99 or in the range of N36,000. It is important to note also that prices may differ from store to store. However, the official price is a bit too high for a phone with low screen resolutions and just one low-quality camera.


The smartphone looks attractive on the outside. The colors are varied enough, and the storage is manageable. Users would love a smartphone that has a front camera more because the selfie culture is still very much in vogue.

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