Xiaomi Officially Launches Its First Ultra Smart Shoe With Intel Chip And 60 Days Battery Life

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The Chinese Tech Giant, Xiaomi launches an entirely new product, its first intelligent shoe named 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear designed primarily for professional athletes. The sole of the shoes has an arch design specially created to provide balance along with anti-skid features. It also offers full air cushion for each foot and an antibacterial replaceable insole.

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This pair of smart sports shoes is equipped with an Intel Curie chip inside with data storage that can save up all the vital fitness data while exercising, running, or even walk. It has the ability to calculate distances, speed and the number of calories. This smart shoe can also detect your motion – either you are running, walking or jogging. The chip size is small just like the size of a button, so it has no weight to inflict on you.

The feature of this new pair of Ultra Smart Sports shoes is not limited, but also that the shoe comes with a battery that can hold up to 60 days before another recharge.

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The Smart Sportswear comes in several colours, including red and blue designed exclusively for male athletes, while black and pink designed for the ladies. It also issues special lighting in the dark and will be available starting today on the official Xiaomi China shop at a price as low as 300 Yuan roughly equivalent to $47, which is a reasonable price compared to the price of sports shoes from brands like Nike and ADIDAS, among others.

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