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ZTE confirms new “really foldable” smartphones coming soon

ZTE has surprised many people by announcing the Axon M, a dual-screen device that can be folded from various angles to increase the possibilities of use. Although not the “foldable smartphone” that many people have been waiting for some time, the device already brings a glimpse of what can be seen in the near future, being used as both a smartphone with a screen of 5.2 inches and as a 10.4-inch tablet.

During CES 2018, which officially ended on January 12, ZTE’s VP of Marketing publicly commented on the reception of ZTE Axon M in the market and talk about forecasts for the future, stating that some points were noted where the company you can hone your product to the level that people really want, something that “will eventually reach the truly collapsible smartphone.”

According to Jeff Yee, the Axon M was very well received by those who purchased the device, but the fact that two separate screens can be seen that can work together if desired does not allow the same experience that a single screen will take, especially when watching videos and playing games. With this, we can look forward to ZTE’s efforts for a foldable screen smartphone for a brief future.

Axon M has two screens that can work together

Axon M is not officially sold in some countries, but can only be found in online stores by importation. Also, since even in China the device has not been launched and is solely certified by the end of December, it may take a while until stores such as GearBest, LightInTheBox, and TomTop begin to offer it with easy delivery to different territory.

And do you think we will have truly collapsible smartphones in the near future? Or do we still have to wait a few years for this type of product to become famous? Leave us your comment below!

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