5 Best FaceApp Alternatives For Android and iOS

FaceApp became popular when it introduced face aging into the mobile world. The app brought the trend of people posting how they will look like in 40 years to come. It was all over social media and it did not take look before other developers developed theirs to compete with FaceApp. FaceApp and other face aging apps make rely on Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to deliver accurately old faces and change the look of a face. Without further ado, let’s get to know the apps that can change faces just like FaceApp.

Best FaceApp Alternatives For Android and iOS

1. AgingBooth

1 AgingBooth FaceApp Alternative
AgingBooth –  FaceApp Alternative

A great alternative to FaceApp is AgingBooth which helps you make aging photos within a very short time. Just like FaceApp, you’ll have aging photos that look natural and realistic. This app does not contain superficial stickers as well as unnatural blemishes. When you launch the app, click the START button, select from your device, or capture the image you want to transform and leave the rest for AgingBooth. You can even import images from Facebook. You will then allow the app to process the image, and it does it within a few seconds. The app will prompt you to adjust the eyes, chin, and lip and voila! you have an aging photo that will wow you.

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2. Meitu

2 Meitu FaceApp Alternative
Meitu – FaceApp Alternative

Meitu is owned by a China company and has garnered over 1million subscribers. You can make your photos more beautiful with the cool and brilliant filters that Meitu has to offer. It features a great interface that lets you change faces easily. You can use the app to customize body features and like Snapchat, you can transform the eyes. The face-changing app has AI capabilities to detect facial features. This AI technology will go as far as decorating the photo with motion stickers or adding hand-drawn effects to the face when a selfie is being taken. It also features cloud service and smart customer care to help you when you encounter any issue.

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3 Snow FaceApp Alternatives
Snow – FaceApp Alternatives

SNOW is a beauty and makeup Camera app for Android and iOS. It is a photography-based app that helps more than 200 million users all around the world with their photos. With the photo-editing app, you can make some serious photography and have it shared with others. The SNOW app boasts of several unique effects, filters, and other editing tools that will enhance your photo and make it more beautiful. SNOW Beauty Camera app exists in multiple versions, and as new versions are released, lots of new features and tools are added to make photo-editing easier and efficient. If you want a FaceApp alternative that will add beauty to your face, the SNOW it is.

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4. Oldify

4 Oldify FaceApp Alternative
Oldify – FaceApp Alternative

Oldify does what FaceApp does- it allows your face to look older than it is. The biggest highlight of this FaceApp alternative is that aside from the fact that you can apply the aging filter, you can also set the age number and dictate how old you want your new face to be. Various filters are available to further enhance your faces like a grey beard on your face and other elements. Let others know how old you are with those wrinkles that Oldify will add. Oldify is available for both Android and iOS, so head on and download.

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5. Face Story

5 Face Story FaceApp Alternative
Face Story – FaceApp Alternative

Face Story gives you an aging face when you utilize it for this purpose. There’s an aging booth camera Face Story has that changes your face within seconds. Similar to FaceApp, the app combines AI face-scanning with a powerful algorithm to manipulate your face to look old. So it can add an aging look to the hair, lip, skin, eyes, cheek, and nose. A highlight of the face aging app is that it gives your face that aging looks without the need to edit the photo or apply filters. You can also transform existing images the way you want. If you’re not into using filters or doing photo editing, then Face Story is great for you.

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