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5 Best Sound Recording Apps For Android

Basically, all Android phones come with a sound recorder app which comes which normal features like; the record button, the pause button, the stop button which automatically save to the list, These features are not enough for those of us who crave for something better like; the editing mode, the after effects and so many of them.

Best Sound Recording Apps For Andriod

  1. Tatanium Recorder

Tatanium recorder has proven to be one of the best recording apps for Android phone because it’s completely free and has no ads. Why it is special- it has the ability of recording HD audio with 8-bit and 16-bit configurations. For purpose of saving space which most users need you can choose some of the concise formats available; MP3/ACC/3GP. Its interface simplicity and alongside a great file manager that is really easy to use with options of name editing and sharing at the reach of your hand also makes it special. Another special feature about this recorder is the option of background recording, so it doesn’t stop the normal use of your phone.


  1. Hi-Q Mp3 Voice Recorder

We would not deny the fact that everyone loves something unique and outstanding right? Of course not, therefore, I will not waste time saying much but its uniqueness will speak for itself. What makes it unique? It records in mp3. That makes the sound file compatible with everything. You can have it uploaded to Dropbox immediately recording finishes. Support for Wi-Fi transfer, gain control and more.


  1. Cogi

This is another wonderful recording apps for Android because it has no limitations when recording audio, it has a unique feature which helps you add notes, take pictures and insert contact on your recording to further personalize it. Finally, it helps users instruct the app when to start and stop recording.


  1. Voice Recorder by Splend apps

This app will more than satisfy advanced users reasons being that you can record in 3 different audio codecs, you can adjust d bitrate and sample rate, you are offered live spectrum analyzer and widget support. This recorder has in-app purchases that can unlock more features but I tell you mediocre minds will be satisfied with the free version but advanced users will unlock themselves the full version.


  1. RecFoge

This app is intended for those who are into music as they have the liberty to record band rehearsals and use it for music learning. There is an option of skipping silence. With a headset, you can monitor the recording live. You can also schedule your recordings. You can also edit your audio files and use them as ringtones.  However, there is a limitation of 3 minutes for all file format except wav format. To remove this limitation you need to purchase RecForge pro.


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