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5G smartphones will be available in late 2023

The large-scale testing of the 5G cellular network is taking place globally, and China is stepping up the commercialization of next-generation mobile communications, along with 5G smartphones,” said Chinadaily. It will be available by the end of 2019.

China plans to commercialize 5G telecom equipment later this year to lay the foundations for testing large-scale 5G applications and services in 2023.

Wang Zhiqin, vice president of the China Information and Communications Technology Institute, a consulting organization under MIIT, said – “The first 5G standard releases will be available in June this year. Hopefully, the system equipment, including base stations and network equipment will be able to achieve trade progress by the end of 2018.”

“But it will take a long time for 5G mobile chips to be ready for commercial release, and 5G smartphones will only be available in the market after June 2019,” Wang said. recently.

China is striving to accelerate 5G research and development, such as super-fast mobile network technology, which is expected to generate 6.3 trillion yuan ($ 979 billion) in domestic economic output in the year. 2030.

On Tuesday (Jan. 16, 2018), MIIT announced the technical requirements for next Phase of 5G trials and encouraged companies to conduct further research on chip integration, systems and other tools.

China Unicom, the country’s second-largest carrier, said it plans to conduct 5G trials in seven locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Xiong’an.

Mr. Wen Ku, director of telecommunications development at MIIT, said more efforts would be made to promote research and development in low, mid and high-frequency bands, as well as testing Different 5G applications.

And Kalvin Peng, Ericsson’s Research & Development Director for Northeast Asia, said that commercial 5G services previously required the connection of different devices and systems.

“Adjusting the system to the first 5G global standard is easier than fixing the hardware.” In the case where manufacturers are beginning to experiment with 5G chips, So, the 5G chips will appear in the market in limited quantities and drip, “Peng said.

The Swedish telecommunications service provider is working closely with China Mobile, China’s largest telecom operator, for 5G research. In December 2017, the two sides completed all experiments with a new initiative at the 5G core network laboratory.

Ericsson said at least one billion people would use the world’s 5G network by 2023, with mobile data increasing eight-fold.

On Wednesday (January 17, 1818), Ericsson announced a new solution to meet the growing consumer demand for in-home connectivity. The new device, called Ericsson 5G Radio Dot, is designed for advanced mobile broadband and to increase the coverage of indoor networks.

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