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8 Best Paint Companies in Nigeria

The paint material is one that is used all over the world. When used on a surface, paint makes it colored and decorated. There are difficult kinds of paints, including Acrylic paints for artists, watercolor paints, Emulsion, and Acrylic paints for road markings, buildings, and industrial. Different paint companies manufacture these paints, and some are in Nigeria. With the presence of paint manufacturing companies in Nigeria, the growth of the economy has improved. Let’s see the best paint companies in Nigeria.

Paint Companies in Nigeria

  1. Dulux

Dulux holds a high reputation in the market and is one of the best paint production company in Nigeria. The paint brand produces high-quality paints. Founded in 2015, Dulux makes the paint for both wholesalers and retailers and meets their painting needs. The paint company provides paint in over 120 colors scheming, and the production processes are done with high speed and preciseness. The paint company has branches scattered in over ten major Nigerian cities. If you need color consultancy services, there are well available to provide you with that.

2. Berger Paints Nigeria

There are other top paint companies that rule in the market, and Berger Paints Nigeria is one of them. The company was founded a German color chemist in 1760, but it came to Nigeria in 1959, and since then they’ve been popular in the paint market. Berger Paints produces quality paint products, and the paints are divided into five categories- Decorative and Architectural furnishes. Industrial coatings, marine and protection coatings, automotive and vehicle refinishes, wood finishing, and preserves. With headquarters in Lagos and 25 depots across Nigeria, you have Berger Paint close to you.

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3. International Paint West Africa (IPWA)

International Paint West Africa (IPWA) is another company that specializes in paint production. Also known as IPWA, the manufacturing company produces top-quality paints. It is certified by the Nigerian Industrial Standards and the Standard organization of Nigeria (SON). Their pants can be divided into different segments, namely building and industrial paints, marine and protective coatings, wood finishes and refinishes, Packaging coating and other allied products. Located as production plants in Port Harcourt and Lagos, IPWA has several depots in major cities in the country.

4. Meyer Paints

Meyer is in the top-line of Dulux, Berger, and IPWA and produces the finest quality of paints in Nigeria over the years. Incorporated in 1960, Meyer was formerly known as DN Meyer PLC but was changed in 2016. They make paints according to the following categories- Architectural paints, wood paints, auto refinishes, Industrial and marine paints, Roof coats, Road lining paints, Tube coatings, HP coatings, and Adhesives. Meyer is located in their offices in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt and runs outlets all over the country.

5. Portland Paints Nigeria

In the paint market of Nigeria also exists Portland Paints, Nigeria. It began as a subsidiary of WAPCO, a cement production company, but has now been acquired by UAC. Their products include decorative, automotive and distributive paints, marine and protective coatings. Their flagship brands, Sandtex and Crown paints, are quality paint. They have outlets scattered all over Nigeria.

6. Eagle Paints

Eagle Paints is owned by a family and has been supplying Nigerians paint since 1979. The company has the head office in Lagos and it overseas other outlets all over the country. Their products include decorative and industrial paints.

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7. President Paints Nigeria

President Paints is also one of the best paint companies in Nigeria. Incorporated in 1987, they have grown to be a successful brand. They produce paints and even give color development products, advice, and paint application. They have over 500 retail outlets across the nation.

8. Trumpcoat Paint

An indigenous paint company, Trumpcoat paint, produces architectural and decorative paints. They make paints for both interior and exterior environments and are suited for projects that may be commercial or residential.

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