Add Netflix, YouTube, and apps to your TV with Amazon Fire Stick

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Those who do not have a Smart TV can buy some devices to bring the internet connection to their traditional TV and the possibility of having applications so that they can watch streaming videos and movies from sites such as Netflix, Youtube, and many others.

The most famous of these devices is the Google Chromecast, which can be bought at the Google store and allows you to transmit all the contents visible from the PC to the TV.

Other ways of bringing the internet and online videos to “non-smart” televisions are Android TV BOXes, mini PCs with an Android system inside, the Raspberry PI to be used as a Kodi media center, or the expensive Apple TV.

In response to Google, Amazon has instead created the Fire TV Stick, similar to the Chromecast, which is equipped with a remote control and an Android system, making it very convenient to add apps like Netflix and Youtube to the TV.

The Amazon Fire TV can be bought from 2021 in two new versions that renew the first version released in 2017: the Fire TV Stick Lite version and the Fire TV Stick with voice commands and 4K Ultra HD quality.

The Fire TV Stick is a multimedia stick with an HDMI connection that connects to the internet and allows you to take advantage of many applications and games on the TV screen. Unlike the Chromecast, the Fire TV is not a device that transmits from your computer or mobile phone but works independently, supports applications, and has a remote control to move comfortably on the sofa. The Fire Stick also allows you to browse the internet and watch streaming videos from sites other than applications.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is, practically, a mini-computer with a FireOS system (derived from Android), Wi-Fi 802.11ac, 8 GB internal memory required for the installation of applications, and 1 GB of RAM. It is capable of displaying video with a resolution up to 1080p (unless you buy the 4K resolution version) and responding to voice commands.

The main apps are definitely Netflix and Youtube to watch movies (by subscription) and free videos.

Youtube is available as an app in the Amazon catalog and can be found and installed from Fire TV’s application list. Alternatively, you can watch YouTube videos using the integrated Silk browser, which fully supports YouTube videos.

The browser of the Fire TV Stick is an absolute and unique added value of this device, as it allows you to watch, without advertising, movies, and videos streaming from any site, without the problems of popups, and with the support of any broadcast.

The Fire Stick is the device with which Amazon promotes its streaming movie service with free Amazon Prime Video for Prime subscribers.

Therefore, if no subscription is required to use the Fire Stick, it is obvious that it is a device recommended for those who subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or other streaming movie sites (even if NowTV-Sky is not supported).

Obviously, the Chromecast remains preferable to those who want to see the videos saved on the PC on the TV and do not use streaming movie sites.

Among the Fire TV apps, you can install are many Android applications and games, including Facebook, Rai Play, VLC, Asphalt 8, and many others.

It is also possible to install Android apps on Fire Stick TV from an APK or store.

I bought the Fire TV Stick because I wanted to try it and also take advantage of the Prime discount, and I must say that I was really satisfied. The package is of good quality and includes the USB cable with a transformer to keep the Fire TV on, an HDMI adapter to distance the Stick from the TV, a remote control, batteries, and an instruction booklet. As soon as it was plugged in, it turned on and configured itself, with my Amazon account used for the purchase already in memory. The connection to the home wifi was immediate, and I could access the Amazon Prime video films and TV series. As for the first apps, I installed Netflix and Youtube, which became easy to access via remote control.