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Africa’s COVID-19 Cases Passes 3 Million

It has been confirmed that the number of coronavirus cases in Africa is now 3,021,769 as of today. Africa has been speared of many cases confirmed to other European and Asian countries. The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ACDC said.

The same body reveals that at the present time, the death toll for Africa still stands at 72,121. By this morning, as many as 2, 450, 492 people were infected with COVID but have recovered as of today on the continent. South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, and Ethiopia are among the worst-hit countries in Africa.

Last year, before the cases, reached one hundred thousand in Africa, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, and Algeria were the worst-hit countries in that order. South Africa had more than twice the number of cases than any of the countries list here.

Doctor Holding Covid 19 Vaccine With Thumb Up
Doctor Holding Covid 19 Vaccine With Thumb Up

Since the middle of 2020, coronavirus cases have been rising slowly on the continent. South Africa announced a day of more than 10, 000 cases.

A big issue is that Africa is still unable to test patients as it ought to because of the shortage of testing materials for the virus. Most of the testing has been concentrated on the capital cities, while infections have spread beyond these places.

The continent has the most poorly funded and thinly staffed healthcare industries. The World Health Organization (WHO) said more and more health workers are also getting infected, leading to new problems for Africa.

Even if the continent eventually gets the badly needed supplies such as ventilators, the problem will still be that of having enough trained workers to operate them. Will African contemplate another lockdown if cases continue to rise on the continent? That is a question many people are asking.

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