Airtel 3-2-1 service – Free search info for Mobile phones unveiled by Airtel in Nigeria

There is a new service known as the 3-2-1 service by Airtel for mobile phone users which was created from an alliance between Airtel Nigeria alongside the global development organisation as well as the Human Network International also recognized as NHI.

About Airtel’s 3-2-1 service for Nigerians

The service is basically a system that makes available free information which is also free, trusted and life-improving. The system could be utilized by any type of mobile phone currently owned by users regardless of its a Smartphone, a feature phone, a tablet or a simple phone.

Airtel 3-2-1 service

According to Airtel, any call made to 3-2-1 is free of charge as long as you make use of an Airtel SIM. The service would also be made available to people who occupy the rural areas.

Messages on the 3-2-1 service which can be accessed on any prepaid Airtel Sim free of charge are created by regional, local and international subject matter professionals through a content committee that was gathered by Human Network International in every country the service is currently running.

Topics you can get info on

Some of the topics that are provided to users of the 3-2-1 service include commodity prices, Agriculture, family planning, Good Governance, Health, Weather, and Sanitation among others. Everyone who makes use of this service is certain to find a topic of interest.


People interested in checking out the weather conditions before heading out can make use of the service, also people interested in the latest News can just make use of this service free of charge as long as you make use of an Airtel sim.

How to gain access the free 3-2-1 service

  • Purchase or get an Airtel Sim.
  • Listen to the voice prompt after dialling 321.
  • Choose the language you prefer ranging from English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and pidgin English.
  • Choose the information you require from the various list of available topics ranging Health, News and Entertainment, Commodity prices among others.

The 3-2-1 service provides information that is useful to various individuals and communities in the rural and urban areas across Nigeria using languages like English, Yoruba, and Igbo among others.

My experience with Airtel 3-2-1 service

To make sure i wasn’t giving my readers wrong or unconfirmed info, I called the number (321) myself with my Airtel line. The voice that answered prompted me to choose my preferred language exactly as listed above. However, I got to learn one or two things which weren’t included in the press release by Airtel. These are:

  • The calls are free only for the first ten (10) calls you make in a month. After the first 10 calls, you’ll be charged 10 NGN for each call. Epic! 😀 .
  • You will be required to reveal some info about yourself before answers would be given to you for the first time. These include – your age, s3x (gender) and geopolitical location in the country.

Overall, I think this is a sound initiative from Airtel. At least the calls are free the fiirst 10 times in 30 days. To most people in big towns and cities, this service is useless because there is Google and the internet there, but for the minority that don’t have access to smartphonoes and the internet, and all they have is their feature phones from 2008, it’s very useful.

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