Android apps to work more comfortable at home

In the past few days, we’ve given you some tips to help you work from home more comfortable. Today, we are going to talk about 6 applications in the Android operating system that will keep you dedicated to your work.


5217 app

This app, even though it has a weird name, does a little tease of its functionality. Specifically, the app counts 52 minutes in which you work and then takes a 17-minute break to get air, something to eat maybe get up from the chair to do some stretching. 5217 is free. Link.


Toggl app

This app will count the time you spend on your mobile phone. This time will be split between emailing, searching, etc. to help you control where you spend your time. In addition, through the application, you can create your own plan, work and breaks just like in the application 5217. Link.


TickTick app

With this app you will be able to make a to-do list for your every day. You can split large projects into smaller ones and put a tick on those you have successfully completed. Of course, there are other such applications. Link.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing app

Digital Wellbeing is probably one of the best Android apps. The app calculates the time you spend on other apps, and you can set a limit there to limit the use of distracting apps. In addition, Focus mode will allow you to use the phone only for calls, messages, and applications that you have whitelisted. Link.


Headspace app

Concentration at work plays a very important role, and the human mind often refuses to stay focused. Through Headspace, you have access to meditation lessons. You can choose between different courses, with different duration. There are both free and paid courses. Link.

Lo-Fi Radio

Lo Fi Radio app

As we mentioned in our previous article with tips, to work from home, music is a good and easy way to concentrate and stay dedicated for a long time at work. With Lo-Fi Radio you can organize your playlist with your favorite songs. Link.

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