Android Pie Review – Smartphones in Line for Android 9 Upgrade

Google Pixel users can smile now. The reason is that the company released the much-anticipated Pie for its smartphones at last. Other OEMs should expect it by year end through 2019.

This latest Android 9 version named Pie is feature-packed, and with AI, Google is working hard to make smartphones really personal, more efficient, with the end goal laying emphasis on simplicity.

Features and Changes

For you to get a hold of all the features, you need to download the Android Pie on your smartphone and learn how it works. Here are a few features that users should care about. First, it is important to state that only Google Pixel smartphones can make use of the Pie right now. This means that if you have a Pixel XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel 2 XL, you can update to the latest Android Pie.

There is a possibility that other smartphones may be able to upgrade to the Android Pie as well because Essential too is said to be able to make use of it right from the very first day it was released. Essential smartphone users are encouraged to use the upgrade if they like.

Other devices that may be in line for the upgrade are as follows – Devices made by HMD Global, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Sony, Oppo, and Vivo. These smartphones may get heads up to upgrade before this year runs out.

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Why Upgrade to Android Pie?

As you know, the Android Pie has new features that make it so appealing. The following are reasons why you may go for the upgrade to Android Pie if you use Google Pixel.

Widening of Notifications: Android leads the way in handling notifications. It does the same in Pie by adding more features that users love. Take for example the messaging apps; these will suggest smart replies and show more information in each notification.

Dark Mode/Light Mode/Default Mode: There’s now an official dark mode option in the setting. No need to rely on the wallpaper in a bid to trigger dark mode. You can decide if it’s all you want every time or if you want light mode, or let the smartphone decide what it wants.

Notched Life: Some Android phones are reducing the bezel size. In view of this, Android Pie is giving users the opportunity to see things for themselves with the words ‘simulate a display with a cutout’ once you do that, you could pick a size, one which allows you to live the notched life.

Screenshot Tools: It gets better. The old method of holding power and volume buttons down at the same time still works, but there’s a better way to it now. Just press and hold the power button, then tap screenshot, and you’re done. Once saved, you can even edit like crop, draw, or highlight something on the screenshot before you share it with friends.

Lockdown mode for extra security: Get it under the hood, and it’s just so good there. With a single push of a button, you can lock down your phone. Once the button is enabled, the fingerprint sensor and voice unlock is disabled. You can use backup unlock methods like PIN or pattern anyway.

Gesture Navigation: Ditch the traditional three-button navigation and start using gestures instead. The single pill-like button enables you to swipe up to see recent apps used, swipe left to switch between recent apps, swipe right to go back.


These are the salient features you may find engaging in the Android Pie. Granted, their other features as well and some of those may not be very spectacular. The ones listed above are very significant. Once you get used to the Pie, you’ll also find other amazing features of the Android Pie.

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