Answers in Facebook Messenger, how to use this new feature

A new feature comes to the Facebook messaging application. This allows much clearer and more precise conversations and therefore brings you a little closer to WhatsApp. We talk about the possibility of using answers in Facebook Messenger and we show how they can be used.

The truth is that this new option for some time was expected to reach the development that is available on iOS and Android, as it has proven its usefulness in many of its rivals, such as Telegram. Its operation allows everything to be much clearer when communicating, both in direct conversations and in groups and, therefore, the arrival of responses to this development is a necessary step in order not to be left out of the market.

By the way, there are no limitations when using the answer in Facebook Messenger. We explain ourselves- in doing this it will be possible to use the emojis that exist in the application; going through the use of images, and it is even possible to add voice notes. Therefore, the operation is exactly the same as if you send a normal message with the messaging application of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. In addition, this shows that in a usual way the news that comes to WhatsApp end up being part of the work we are talking about (for something the latter was bought by Facebook a while ago).

How to use the answers in Facebook Messenger

Well, the truth is that everything is quite simple. Once you have chosen the message you want to answer, which can also be one sent by you, what you have to do is press continuously in this. At this moment they pick up the usual emojis that can be sent as an answer, but now an additional arrow appears on the right side that is what allows to use the new functionality. Now, you simply have to write what you want to answer and, finally, send as normal.

But there is one more way to use the answers in Facebook Messenger- the gestures. This is positive if you are away from home because it is easy to use the new functionality (and, in addition, terminals with large screens of six inches or more makes things much simpler). In this way, simply by sliding on the screen towards the opposite side in which the chosen message seems, directly it is possible to write the answer. Simple and very intuitive, as we have proven ourselves.

In what has to do with the appearance that has the answers in Facebook Messenger, these are identical to those seen in WhatsApp or Telegram– you see in the upper area of the bubble the text that is referenced and, just below, the reply. A good addition that, without being a great novelty, the utility it offers is beyond doubt.

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