14 Best Free TV Streaming Applications For Android Phones

TV applications – There are times when TV antennas cannot be accessed. But thanks to the presence of internet technology, we can still access TV wherever we want with the TV streaming application. Like other streaming applications, image clarity is determined by the quality of the internet connection. In addition, the online TV application used also determines.

14 Best Streaming TV Applications

This time I have 14 of the best TV streaming applications that you can use on Android. I think this is the best. Besides, because I can play well on my Android, also because the application has a lot of channel support, easy to load TV, and others.

Note – It could be that some TV streaming applications are not compatible with your Android device. I have included the download link under the application. Happy watching your favorite TV program.

1. Free TV

1. Free TV

The online tv streaming application for the first android on this list is Free TV. As the name suggests, free (free), you will not be charged a penny if you download and use this application on your android. Channel Problems are provided by this streaming application. Don’t worry, even though it’s free this application provides 100 channels in it from various countries. There are even groupings by country, making it easier for you to choose TV channels from which country you want to watch. How good is it?

A little less than this online TV application is that there are advertisements in it. But this ad is guaranteed not to bother you when viewing streaming, the article appears only on the front view of the application. The existence of these advertisements is possible to maintain the integrity of this application in providing broadcasts, be aware that the name is just a free application. Interested in this free tv viewing application? Calm down there is no need to be confused, you can download it in the play store. This application also has interesting features:

Free TV Application Features

  • In the application, there is a channel category provided, which is based on news, music, entertainment, sports, gaming, and education categories. So you can choose which one you like easily.
  • There are at least more than 600 TV channels from all over the world. Choose what you like.
  • The application can be used even without having to install a flash player because the mobile TV application works with HTML5 technology.
  • Free TV streaming content in HD quality

Get the Free TV Application

2. BBC iplayer

2. iplayer

The next best Android TV streaming application is IPlayer. This application is an application released and developed by the BBC. With this application, you will not miss the BBC TV program every day for free. Besides being able to watch BBC broadcasts, you can listen to BBC radio streaming without stopping for 7 days.

Another advantage of this application is that you can download videos that can be played offline when you are still watching online. But this downloaded video can only be stored for 30 days and 7 days after you play this program. Like the previous application, you can download this IPlayer streaming TV application via the Play Store.

The iplayer application feature

  • This application provides live TV streaming services using both Wifi and cellular networks.
  • Besides watching it directly, you can download TV programs for you to watch later.
  • Arranged by category and channel
  • You can also transmit content to your TV using Chromecast
  • You can also share additional programs to all devices with your BBC account

Get the iplayer application

3. Mivo TV

3. Mivo TV

Mivo TV is one of the best Android online streaming TV. Erbukti with this application downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play Store. This application has been operating since 2009 and until now Mivo has provided more than 50 TV channels from various countries. Another feature of this streaming TV is that you can chat with other people who share this application on their Android.

Armed with a stable internet network, Mivo can be easily accessed and broken up, you will be treated by this online TV show with normal and HD image quality that you can set your own settings. This application offers favorite shows with high-resolution image quality, which is sharper, clearer, and free.

Mivo TV Application Features

  • There are more than 50 TV channels both local Indonesian channels and International channels with the best streaming quality.
  • All channels can be enjoyed without advertising by subscribing to the Remove-Ads feature.
  • Some national TV channels available are ANTV, Indosiar, SCTV, Trans TV, Trans7, TV One, Metro TV, RCTI, Global TV, MNC TV, NET, and other TV channels.

Get the Mivo TV Application

4. Usee TV

4. Usee TV

The Android online TV streaming android application in the next best category is Usee TV. This application is a product of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. You will get an amazing experience watching TV streaming online when you download and install this streaming TV. Because it not only provides prepaid TV services in general (just watch it), but you can also act as the director who is in control. There are 101 channels in this application, with details of 19 local TV channels and 81 international TV channels.

Besides offering quality shows, Usee TV also provides various features that are not provided by other online TV streaming. such services include; pause and rewind TV, video on demand, video recorder, and more. if you are interested in this application you can download it on the Google play store.

Usee TV Application Features

  • UseeTV GO is supported by content categorized by genre. There are dramas, actions, Hollywood blockbusters, local content, children’s content, comedy, and more.
  • You can also Free-to-air TV, radio, and karaoke using this application.

Get the Usee TV application

5. Live TV

5. Live TV

The Android online streaming TV application which belongs to the next best category is Live TV. The channels provided by free TV streaming are very diverse, ranging from national channels to international channels, such as America, Europe, Asia, Africa, even east-central. Not only can you watch, but with this application, you can also listen to the radio directly from your Android.

By only providing 21 MB of space, you can enjoy this Live TV application. Proof that this application is one of the best in the category of Android online TV streaming is, that this application has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on the Google Play Store.

Live TV Application Features

  • Providing various TV channels from various parts of the world, there are America, Europe, Asia, Africa, even east-central
  • TV genres that can be watched are also varied, not just news and drama.

6. Vivall Streaming Video

6. Vivall Streaming Video

Vivall Streaming Video is a good application by PT. New Viva Media. In the Vival streaming video application, you will be spoiled by bebepada TV channels like Live Soccer, TVOne, Antv, Online Indonesia TV, Live sports, and others for free. The space you have to provide to download this application is only around 14MB. Quite light isn’t it?

This application is among the most popular in its class, proven to have more than 1 million downloads of this application on the Google play store. Besides offering streaming video content live, this application also offers streaming content on-demand. You can download this application on the Google Play Store.

Features of Vivall Streaming Video Application

  • Some channels that we can watch our live TV, TVOne, ANTV, Indonesian TV online, live soccer, sports, the latest news, and other interesting videos, anytime and anywhere.
  • Has a search feature to search for videos with titles or tags
  • Favorite content feature as a favorite page contains videos that you have marked as favorites
  • Full-screen feature for watching videos in full screen

Get the Vivall Streaming Video Application

7. Google TV

7. Google TV

The focus of the next Android online streaming TV application is Google Tv. Google TV application itself is an application owned by a large internet company. In its establishment, this application uses an open source open source based platform, so it cannot be separated from Android and crome. Thus, it can be ascertained, that the features of the Android TV streaming software are extraordinary and not playing solely.

In addition to providing regular TV broadcasts, this application also includes several programs from Google TV, such as real-time, where TV shows are broadcast live. But every time you do realtime you have to use the internet to enjoy the services that Google TV has provided. If you are interested in this application, you can download it on the Google Play Store.

Google TV Application Features

  • Can connect TV from Android to TV actually using Chromecast.
  • Supported with the download and watch feature, which can give us choices if we don’t want to watch videos directly
  • Besides streaming TV, there are also many movies that you can watch.

Get the Google TV Application

8. Indonesia TV

8. Indonesia TV

Indonesia TV is one of the Android online streaming TV applications in a good category. In this application, there are features that you can use to watch and even change channels quickly. With an adequate internet connection, satisfaction in watching TV on your android will get you.

Features that you will get when downloading this application like you no longer need to reinstall support applications to be able to enjoy TV broadcasts on your android. Then one more feature that you will get, that is with this application you don’t need a flash player that is usually needed by streaming TV in general. With this application, the features are available automatically.

Indonesian TV Application Features

  • Supports watching all national TV channels
  • There is no buffering while watching TV
  • Have a fun and easy to use appearance

Get the Indonesia TV Application

9. Indo Streamix TV

9. Indo Streamix TV

By taking place on your Android around 9.8 MB, you can already enjoy streaming soccer online on your Android phone via Indo Streamix TV. Quite rigid indeed, but do not get the wrong satisfaction that you will get in this application, especially for those of you who like football. Very clear and legally download and install this online streaming TV application on your android.

The quality of the images produced on the Indo Streamix TV application is very good. In addition to good pictures, Indo Streamix TV is the most complete application with Indonesian TV channels. You can download this application as well as other streaming TV applications with Google Play Store.

Indo Streamix TV Application Features

  • There are several TV channels that can be played in this application, ranging from Indonesian TV channels, premium TV channels, Live Sports Streaming, Live Soccer Streaming, and others. Everything is supported with premium image quality …

Get the Indo Streamix TV Application

10. Search for Indonesia TV

10. Cari Indonesia TV

Discussion of the next android online TV streaming is Search for Indonesia TV. The Indonesia Search TV app offers services searching for local Channels quickly and practically. So that this streaming TV application will certainly present an interesting broadcast for you. By downloading this application you have made it easier for you to watch your favorite indotv broadcasts. Another convenience that you will get with this application is that you don’t have to bother installing plugins like vitamio, plash players, and so on. You can immediately enjoy watching your favorite Indonesian TV shows. And can live stream directly to your Android device.

This application does not consume a lot of your Android space, with just 15MB you can enjoy all the conveniences of watching your favorite Indonesian broadcast. If you are interested in all offers from this application, you can download it on Google Play Store.

Application Features Search Indonesia TV

  • Watching TV using this application is very fun because it runs without buffering
  • Almost all national and local channels in Indonesia we can watch using this application.

11. Indonesia Live Streaming

11. Indonesia Live Streaming

Android online streaming TV application Indonesia Live Streaming is a small android streaming. With this application, you will also get this application for free on the Google Play Store. Related to the features offered on this Android is no less than the features of other streaming TV applications. But if you want to get experience watching TV on android requires you to install additional codex for free too.

One thing that needs to be considered to enjoy watching real TV, without any traffic jams on the shows being watched, is a stable internet connection, at least at 1 Mbps. What are you waiting for, immediately download this application on your Android phone, and enjoy the clarity of image sensation from the Indonesia Live Streaming application.

Indonesian Live Streaming Application Features

  • Supports playing all national and local channels in Indonesia. Everything can be played without buffering
  • Have a fun and easy-to-use appearance.

12. Google Play Movie

12. Google Play Movie

Discussion of the next online android tv streaming application is Google Play Movie. This application made by Google does not need to doubt its superiority in terms of its features. And it can be said to be very sleek. This is because this application was born from the womb of a well-known company in the internet field, so the operation was carried out by the company.

Unfortunately, this application can only be enjoyed by a few countries, such as Japan, England, the USA, Australia, and Canada. While for Indonesia, they cannot enjoy the google play feature. Hopefully, this feature can be enjoyed by all countries, including Indonesia.

Features of the Google Play Movie Application

  • Besides watching TV, you can also watch all Hollywood movies with HD image quality
  • There are many videos that you can watch

13. Vidio

The Vidio application is an application that not only presents streaming TV only but also streaming video as well. This application was created by PT. Creative Media Karya which is used to watch various types of videos for free. Not only that, this application also provides a variety of shows, for example, dramas, soap operas, balls, music, horror, Korean dramas, gossip, funny videos, and many more shows presented by this application directly from your Android.

The application, which was established on October 1, 2014, operates throughout the world. This application is the first video-sharing site in Indonesia, with the highest quality or HD in this application allows the quality of the resulting image is very good. Vidio also has interactive digital activities, such as live streaming, video music contests and so on.

Application Features Vidio

  • Able to Live streaming Indonesian TV channels, soccer matches, and other interesting events.
  • There are the latest and most trusted news items from Liputan 6.
  • Able to watch soap operas and favorite TV shows from SCTV, Indosiar, and O Channel, such as Rahasia Cinta, Children of Menteng, FTV, D’Academy, Stand Up Comedy Academy.
  • There are many other videos too.

Get the Vidio Application

14. NET.


The next application is NET. is an android application made by NET Mediatama Indonesia. The purpose of this application is to access various things related to NET via Android. NET TV streaming comes with a sharp image display and bright colors, this is because NET TV streaming has used a full high definition (full-HD) system.

By using this application you can stream TV NET directly through your android with no charges or free. The presence of NET TV streaming is in line with the technological development of this era. With more accessibility, NET hopes entertainment and information content will be more popular in the community, deeper and more personal. To watch NET. online, you can download .NET applications on NET.

NET Application Features

  • Specifically, this application is only for watching NET TV, so everything on NET must be in this application
  • Can run without buffering.

Download the NET. application

Technology makes everything easier. Included with the presence of online TV streaming applications, makes us all able to enjoy entertainment in the hand. It’s just that, everything makes life more expensive.

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