AP2 Inflatable Pump – High Pressure Portable Electric Pump Review

The AP2 Inflatable Pump happens to be a small electric air pump with high pressure. It is portable and well customized to meet ventilation that is required for bikes that often ply the road. We at TechVaz have found it to be an invaluable tool for bicycle tires, balls of all kinds, car tires, motorcycles tires, barometer, and more inflatable things, so to speak.

This is something that users often carry with them on trips because it is highly needed in case of the need for air. Thank God for the portability, anyone can easily shuffle it in the car, the rear of a bike, and even better than that, you can even charge it.

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We have found many practical reasons why everyone, both young and old should make use of this device.

AP2 Inflatable High-Pressure Electric Pump- Packaging Contents

  • 1x AP2 Inflatable High-Pressure Electric Pump
  • 1x air nozzle adapter.
  • 1x charging cable
  • 1x gas needle
  • 1x storage bag
  • 1x user manual.

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Main Features of AP2 Inflatable High-Pressure Electric Pump

AP2 Pump is actually made for multiple uses and scenarios. However, users find the visual experience excellent; we find its user-friendly interface very nice. Furthermore, it can be used as an emergency flashlight because it has 80 lumens which are able to sustain for 24 hours. The battery inside of it can also be used as a Powerbank.

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AP2 Inflatable High-Pressure Electric Pump- Features

  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Digital tire pressure detection.
  • Reset the pressure load to stop.
  • Compatible with a variety of nozzles.
  • Small and portable making your transfer an easy task.
  • Multipurpose power


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You can see the small display in some of the pictures in this article. It is easy to see that it looks like a watch display. The good thing is that the numbers, icons, and letters on it are clear enough for even people with poor eyesight to see. Many people have actually commended this.

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User-Friendly Interface

Those who are familiar with the inflatable pump understand how to select different modes. For example, it is possible that one can select its mode and PSI according to different type of vehicles. In this way, PSI 5-8 is usually for balls, 35 PSI for cars, 40 PSI for motorcycle, 38 PSI is for bicycles, 30-45 PSI for 10-16 inch bike wheels. A knowledgeable use of the pump can have great benefits for the user.

Automatic Pump

Yes, the AP2 Pump is what it is – a pump! The difference of the device is that it is electronic and has multiple uses. For sure, the kit has been built for the modern man. But there’s even more to this pump. It is automatic. The advantage to this is that it knows when to operate and when not to operate. When the air is sufficient, it stops pumping automatically. This is one of the reasons why some reviewers claim that the value of this product supersedes its price.


  • AP2 Inflatable High-Pressure Electric Pump is compact, and easy to take with you anywhere.
  • The display is nice and large for anyone to read its content.
  • People have found it very practical and cost-effective.
  • You can operate it in the dark because it comes with LED light.


  • The battery capacity is too small to pump 2 deflated car tires
  • More time is needed to pump

Battery Capacity of AP2 Inflatable High-Pressure Electric Pump

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Amazingly, this device comes with a 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery. This means that the user can make use of it for long without charging. The plus to it is that it can be used as Powerbank to charge other devices such as a mobile phone. So, when you look around the device, you see that it has ports and USB cord input. Be assured of fast charge technology too.

AP2 Inflatable High-Pressure Electric Pump- Operating Parameters

  • Sensor accuracy- ± 2psi.
  • Discharge temperature- -10 to 45 degrees C °.
  • Charging interface- micro-USB.
  • Charging parameters- 5V 2A.
  • Charging time- less than 3 hours.


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Comments from Buyers

Sherry Anne: It is a wonderful pump that I bought for small projects like bike tires and balls and such. I used it on my trailer tires and airbags in my truck and I found that it is more convenient than making use of my larger compressor.

It is rechargeable and so long as you make it charge ready, Also, it is ready to go when you need it. I’m still not sure how far the battery can carry but I’m okay with all I could do on a single charge of the device. The small size of this pump makes it perfect. It is a well-made product that feels like it will last over time.

Karen Phillips: I loved finding this great little air pump. But I put it to test on our camping trip. It was very quick to fill the tire with air and it works very well. I also blew up a lot of balloons with it the other day. It worked very nicely. The price is right and I still give it five stars.

Lori Case: Had a pump before but very big and I was not able to use it on the ball. Since my son has lots of balls, I had to look for a product that is very easy to use and to carry around. This pump is smaller than I expected but it does the job well. It is not very powerful but it is convenient to pump tire or a ball and a whole lot of other things.