10 Electric Scooters with the best value for money of 2024 – comparison

Do you want to buy the best electric scooter with the best value for money? You are in the indicated buying guide. Whether it’s a two-wheeled scooter, three-wheeled scooter, Hoverboard (without handlebar), Segway, with seat, for children or for adults, in this comparison, you will find 10 of the best electric scooters with good quality and a great price, in addition to our opinions and recommendations.

How does an electric scooter work?

To understand how this type of product works, you need to be clear about the different parts of it. For this, we will see them in a synthetic way and only the main ones.

  • Engine– the engine is the fundamental part of the scooter, as it provides the necessary force to make it move. It is usually located in the rack area. The controller has the task of controlling the power that is sent to the motor. Normally these are brush motors. They are more resistant, although many experts classify them as less durable than conventional ones. It is measured in Watts (W).
  • Controller– As we mentioned earlier, it is the device that controls the power that is delivered to the motor. Likewise, it lets you know what the maximum capacity of the electronic scooter is. It is measured in Ampere (A).
  • Batteries– Batteries that include electric skates can be lead or lithium, although they are usually made from the first material. As you can imagine, it is the power source for the engine. They transmit this energy through cables that act as connectors and is measured in Volts (V).
  • Wheels/Tires– Models can include two or three tires, and as you will understand, this part is essential on the electronic skateboard. These are generally tubeless wheels (they last longer and prevent punctures), and the diameter measures their quality. A larger diameter usually implies more incredible speed and greater damping capacity. Finally, there are off-road wheels and wheels designed for city cruising.
  • Braking system– the parking brakes are generally combined with the rear brake for more excellent safety. Furthermore, within this section, you can also find disc brakes and drum brakes.

When using the skateboard

It is like using any other traditional model, press the power button and start speeding with one foot (even a meter). At that moment, the engine will start, then you can keep both feet on the base.

Many models incorporate other features that you will use while operating the scooter—for example, speed changes or different types of controls.

Braking on most electric scooters is effortless. Press the brake lever on the handlebar, and you can also lean on the brake pedal, which incorporates the rear wheel.

How does it fold?

Most of the models we will talk about are foldable, and the advantage of this lies in the convenience (it can be transported like a briefcase). Typically the scooter has a button or a push system so that the frame folds. In this way, the frame of the same takes up less space.

Operation of the hoverboard

Although we have talked about only one model that matches the Hoverboard skates, we will quickly see how they work. They consist of a base, two wheels, two gyros for speed control, two sensors (one on each wheel), two infrared sensors, batteries, and pressure bearings.

To gain control of the hoverboard and maintain balance, the gyros are responsible for maintaining stability. To accelerate, tilt the body, and at a higher inclination, the gyroscopes order the motors to turn faster.

How do you charge an electric scooter?

Charging an electric scooter is very simple. Most of these products come with a charger and a plug to plug into an outlet. Each company sets its own criteria for knowing when the scooter is 100% charged. You will usually find an LED light that glows green to warn you that the charge is complete.

On the other hand, it is necessary to establish several recommendations when loading any model. Some of these are- do not let the batteries discharge completely, let them charge up to 100%, quickly contact the technical service in case of failure or always use the original charger.

Battery life depends on various factors. For example, the speed at which you walk (it is not recommended to use the maximum speed for long periods of time), the weight of who is using it at that moment, the surfaces on which you are traveling, or the slope.

As we said, the battery voltage represents its capacity and, the higher the voltage, the longer the model’s range will be.

Types of motor scooters

There are many types of electric scooters today. However, there are some that we haven’t collected from the 10 we’ve selected.

  • Electric scooter– to make you understand more simply, they are the usual scooters with an extra engine and correspond to most of the models we have seen. However, these are more sophisticated prototypes than a traditional ones. On the other hand, there are many variables, since you can find folding copies, with two wheels, three, with a saddle, for children, for adults, more or less powerful…
  • Electric skateboard– among the 10 models proposed by our comparison, we tried a Hoverboard and see how they work. These models are more suitable for children to play and more unusual in urban transport. At first glance, they consist of a base and two wheels. Using them is easier than it looks.
  • Electric Chopper– These models are really sophisticated, much more professional, and more expensive than the examples we’ve seen. They are similar to a motorcycle and more difficult to find. We emphasize the design of these products, and it is that some are really elegant and pleasant to look at.
  • Electric unicycle– It is also known as the electric wheel and is similar to the Hoverboard, albeit with only one wheel. They also include the self-balancing system offered by the Hoverboards. The difference with a traditional unicycle and the motor, includes a footrest on each side instead of the wheels.
  • Electric Skateboard– As you can imagine, a motorized Skateboard is what its name indicates, i.e., a prototype where a motor is added to the board and wheels. Some copies tend to have drawings.
  • Segway Scooter– Finally, we’re going to do this with a model you may have seen on many occasions. Especially in theme parks or in large cities, they are usually rented for tourism purposes or to move around in large spaces. It is nothing more than the hybrid between the Scooter and the Hoverboard, and its operation on two wheels and handlebars is similar to that of a Hoverboard with handlebars.

Advantages of buying an electric scooter

Like all existing products, scooters offer a multitude of benefits. From our experience, we will summarize some of them.

Shortening of distances and times

On many occasions, walking the same streets every day becomes monotonous and can get very repetitive. Thanks to a scooter, it is possible to shorten that distance and transform it into a comfortable and bearable ride. Plus, you’ll get to your destination sooner and have more time for your stuff. On the other hand, you could go by car and find yourself stuck in endless traffic jams, if the distance is not really long and it is inevitable to go by car, an electric scooter can be the solution.

To carry items

Products like a backpack, bag, or suitcase tend to get heavier as you walk. It is possible to transport them on the same and with less effort.

Avoid fatigue

If the road you take to get to work every day is a bit tiring, it’s hot, or you usually do it in a hurry, an electric skateboard can avoid specific problems. In addition to going faster, you won’t reach your destination exhausted after a long hike. On the other hand, you also solve the problem of arriving in the office sweaty.

Sport and exercise

Although you think it’s the other way around, the sum of using certain parts of your body, doing specific movements, keeping your balance, or always being alert (and tense) leads to exercise. On the other hand, the adrenaline and the fun it causes don’t make you realize it.


How could it be otherwise? One of those perks and one that most buyers point out is good weather. Thanks to a scooter with an electric motor, fun is guaranteed. For this reason, many shoppers do it solely for leisure purposes or simply use it to go to work.

The 10 best value electric scooters of 2021 – Confront

1) Xiaomi Mi Scooter M365 – The best selling folding electric scooter

Xiaomi Mi Scooter M365
Xiaomi Mi Scooter M365

If you are looking for a mid-range electric scooter that is popular and with great opinions, this might be ideal. First of all, it stands out for its simplicity of operation (it is straightforward to fold) and its lightness (12.5 kg). It also includes great features such as non-slip handlebars for better grip, lights that come on when braking, or tires that absorb shocks to make driving safer and more fun. On the other hand, it offers a long-range battery (30km), systems that allow you to manage energy intelligently and, as if that were not enough, are able to increase the life of the battery thanks to the conversion of kinetic energy (produced by acceleration) into electrical energy. Keep in mind that via Bluetooth technology, you can connect it to the “My Electric Scooter” App so you can see the speed and energy in real-time, as well as the statistics of all your trips.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Scooter M365

2) Cecotec Bongo Serie A Connected – A lightweight electric scooter capable of climbing hills

Cecotec Bongo Serie A Connected
Cecotec Bongo Serie A Connected

Saving those steep roads that you routinely ride every day is priceless. That’s why this scooter from Cecotec claims to help you avoid them. This Spanish brand surprises with the number of appliances it can produce and always incorporates an advantage in each of them. This electric skate has included useful features such as the interchangeable battery to get unlimited autonomy (you can take it out and change it with another). Likewise, its wheels are distinguished by tubeless technology and are able to prevent “blowouts” and punctures since they do not include an inner tube. Finally, note that this is a foldable scooter and that it includes an LED panel to observe the different problems that the product may present (such as a low battery), and it is possible to connect it to a Smartphone App.

Buy Cecotec Bongo Serie A Connected scooter.

3) GoSkitz Hawk – Electric scooter for children with a maximum speed of 10 km/h

Goskitz Hawk
Goskitz Hawk

The GoSkitz electric skateboard for children can be a solution if you need to give a child a gift and you don’t know what to buy. It is characterized by being an unexpected and unconventional gift, but it is almost sure that it will awaken a grand illusion. Also, this children’s motor scooter is a hybrid. That is, it can be used like any other traditional model. On the other hand, the two batteries it incorporates provide a battery life of about 40 minutes and will not exceed 10 km per hour. Finally, this model is recommended for children over 6 years of age; its use must be supervised by an adult and ensures that the child is wearing the appropriate protection (helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads).

Buy GoSkitz Hawk Electric scooter.

4) Electric RCB Scooter E Foldable Scooter – Electric Skateboard with 3 Speeds (350W)

Electric Rcb Scooter E Foldable Scooter
Electric Rcb Scooter E Foldable Scooter

Although we are not talking about the most powerful electric scooter on the market, it is a model that has acceptable power (in terms of watts). It should be noted that the products we are looking at in this comparison are cheap electric skates and higher power, higher price. Focusing on this example, we highlight several characteristics- lightness (weighs 11 kg), the three-speed modes include (15, 25, and 30 km/h), or its solid 8-inch tires. It also has a large LED screen where you can view different data such as battery, speed, or selected power. Finally, it should be noted that we are talking about a model that is going strong and that is very popular.

Buy Electric RCB Scooter E Foldable Scooter

5) ZWheel E9 Basic ZLion- An electric scooter with good opinions

Zwheel  e9 Basic Zlion
Zwheel  e9 Basic Zlion

One of the keys to any product is the ease of transport and storage and is that, like many of the models we are looking at, it is a foldable scooter and features a design that allows it to be folded easily and quickly (it includes a mechanism to do so in seconds). On the other hand, it can also climb hills, reach 25 km/h, and offer a sound safety system (double braking system, LED rear light, and solid tires). Finally, note that if you are looking for an inexpensive electric skateboard, this prototype is a great option and is a very popular model. The opinion, in general, is reasonable (from users).

Electric Scooters

6) Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro – Long Range Electric Scooter (45 minutes)

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro
Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro

We are talking about the big brother of the first model we saw. While it’s a bit more expensive, its 45-minute runtime is worth highlighting in our comparison. As we previously pointed out with power, it’s not the longest-range electric scooter you can find (some prototypes have a more durable battery, but at a higher cost). Focusing on this Xiaomi electric skateboard, we highlight qualities such as fast folding (3 seconds), the availability of three-speed modes, or the intelligent power management system. Finally, it should be noted that it incorporates other advanced features such as connectivity with the “My Electric Scooter” App or a convenient screen.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro

7) Quino – Electric scooter with three wheels, 350W power, and adjustable saddle

Quino    Electric Scooter
Quino    Electric Scooter

Among the significant advantages of this model, we find 500W of power and that it is a three-wheel prototype, which is more difficult to find. The advantage of buying a model that incorporates three wheels (two front and one rear) and a seat is in more excellent stability and a more comfortable ride. Despite being bulkier than the previous ones, it can also be folded, and the handlebar height is adjustable. The maximum speed reached by skate is 25 km/h, and the maximum range of 35 km. Finally, the three wheels are quite large.

Buy Quino Electric scooter.

8) ECOXTREM – Scooter with seat, fast (45-50 km/h) and 2000W of power

Ecoxtrem Scooter
Ecoxtrem Scooter

If you are looking for an electric scooter with an adult seat and that is really powerful (2000W), this model may be what you want. However, it is a more expensive specimen than the previous ones (even if, as we have said, the greater the power, the greater the cost). Although it is not the fastest electric scooter, its great power allows it to reach up to 45-50 km/h. We are talking about a more professional prototype than the previous ones, so some features such as the horn or the front LED light are fundamental. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize this great comfort model thanks to its adjustable seat. Finally, it highlights the quality of the materials that make up its structure (which is made of metal and aluminum).

Buy ECOXTREM Scooter

9) GeekMe Hoverboard – Two-wheel electric skate without handlebar

Geekme Hoveboard
Geekme Hoverboard

Although this review includes electric scooter models, we believe it is necessary to house at least one Hoverboard prototype. Like the third model we’ve seen, this motorized skate can be an ideal gift for the more daring kids. First, it highlights the successful design that this model presents (it is available in different colors) and its striking wheels with LED lights. On the other hand, although this type of scooter seems unstable, it is easy to learn how to use them, and the smart chip that it incorporates gives stability to the product… It also includes a Bluetooth speaker for listening to music anywhere or while using it. Finally, it should be noted that it is one of the best-selling copies of products with the same characteristics and that the opinions of those who have bought them are excellent.

Buy GeekMe Hoverboard

10) GUNAI – 3200W Large Wheels Off-Road Electric Scooter

Gunai Electric Scooter
Gunai Electric Scooter

The HUAEAST off-road motorized skateboard assumes a momentary departure from what is conventionally known as cheap. However, the performance and power offered by this specimen mean that, within its range and scooters with similar characteristics, it can be considered economical. Focusing on the model in question, it includes incredible features such as an all-wheel drive, remote control, or a top speed of up to 85km/h. It also has a 55º climb angle, and the battery can last up to 90km. It is clear that the features provided make it a professional electric skateboard, suitable only for adults, and its use requires a lot of responsibilities. Finally, to emphasize it again. It is not a comparable prototype to the ones we have seen in this review.

Buy Gunai Electric Scooter

Which electric scooter to buy?

A scooter with an electric motor has a number of advantages like those we have seen before, also, users’ opinions are generally positive. They see more and more of them, and there is a great belief in the good work they do. If you have decided to buy one, we will help you choose yours.

As you have seen, there is a wide range of electric scooters on the market and different types in terms of features. Comparing some versions with others and having enough information available will result in choosing the correct model.

If you ask yourself which is the best scooter for quality price, the answer is it depends. The choice depends on your needs, tastes, and preferences.

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