DOEL G2T Electric Scarf (Personal AC) – Cool & Warm yourself On the Go!

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf
DOEL G2T Electric Scarf

DOEL has launched its electric personal cooling device called the DOEL G2T Electric Scarf. It is a Personal AC (Air Conditioner) that is worn around the neck just like a scarf. It is the first cooling and heating 2-in-1 wearable smart device that comes with a thermoelectric technology and a 3D reflux airflow system.

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf Features

  • Power key.
  • Neck size knob.
  • Turbo mode.
  • Turbo indicator.
  • Temperature conductor part.
  • USB port.
  • Heating mode.
  • Cooling mode.

How the DOEL G2T Electric Scarf works

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf

The DOEL G2T Electric Scarf regulates the temperature of an individual in relation to that of the ambient. It does this through an indirect contact with the skin of the individual wearing it. The DOEL G2T Electric Scarf runs on an external battery and it has an automatic safety shut-off feature that regulates the device in order to prevent it from overheating or malfunctioning, so it is considered safe.

It is certified safe by the International Safety certification; UL, BSMI. It comes with a power bank which has a capacity of 6500mAh with a run time of 2 to 3 hours. The DOEL G2T Electric Scarf has the ability to maintain a stable temperature even in places with extreme cold or hot weather.

How to operate the DOEL G2T Electric Scarf

  • Put on a cloth of your choice.
  • Plug the USB cable into the Doel G2T.
  • Connect the power bank.
  • Turn on cooling or heating mode (whatever you prefer) on G2T for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Wear it on the back of your neck.
  • Adjust the tightness around the neck using the neck size knob.
  • Do not pull the sides of the G2T apart.

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf heating benefits

  • Increases blood flow in the neck; hence, it has a relaxing effect on nerves.
  • Increases the ability to sleep better.
  • Increases warmth to ward of cold-related illnesses.

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf cooling benefits

  • It increases temperature to combat extreme cold.
  • Increases blood circulation around the neck region.

Power Bank features

  • International safety certified.
  • Input 2.5A fast charging.
  • 6A (max) dual output.
  • MCU smart charger.
  • 6500mAh battery.

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf Full Specifications

  • Power – 5V DC, micro USB.
  • Dimensions – 4* 17.1* 17.3cm.
  • Product size.
  • Size S-M – neck size 26.3-50cm.
  • Size L-XL – neck size 29.9-53.6cm.
  • Product weight.
  • Size S-M – 370g (±1%).
  • Size L-XL – 325g (±1%).
  • Cooling mode – LED blue light.
  • Heating mode – LED orange light.
  • Normal mode:
    • Cooling level – ambient temperature -8°C (±1°C).
    • Heating level – ambient temperature +20°C (±1°C).
    • Run time – up to 12-14 hours (with power bank capacity of 10,000mAh).
    • Input – 0.6A, 3.0W.
  • Turbo mode:
    • Cooling level – ambient temperature -10°C (±1°C).
    • Heating level – ambient temperature +25°C (±1°C).
    • Run time – up to 10-12 hours (with power bank capacity of 10,000mAh).
    • Input – 1.0A, 5.0W.
  • Operation ambient temperature – -10 to 50°C
  • Colour – red/yellow/white.
  • Control panel – cooling/heating/off.


DOEL G2T Electric Scarf White Colour

The DOEL G2T electric scarf (Personal AC) comes in Red, Yellow, and White colours with a price tag of Rs. 15,000 and 1-year warranty.

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf Conclusion

DOEL G2T Electric Scarf Personal AC is another innovation that proves that technology has evolved over the world, it is considered safe to use and is already available in the Indian market.


  1. Not helpful, I was hoping to find out how the system works to cool the user down yet not take up so much space like the regular air conditioner in our homes.


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