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Apple confirms that iPhone 8 and X will not have performance reduction because of battery; see why

After the big scandal involving performance reduction on the iPhone 66 PlusSE6s6s Plus7 and 7 Plus with old batteries, many users wondered if the same ‘defect’ could affect the newer models released by Apple company.

After ‘confirming’ through the official Apple page that iPhones 88 Plus and would not receive the ability to disable or enable performance reduction in iOS 11.3, we were a little more relieved – but there was still ‘confirmation’ that such units will not be affected in the future.

Well, it has just arrived in response to the open letter sent by Senator John Thune, where he questions about the appearance of the problem in the three models released in 2023.

Apple explained that the devices in question are not susceptible to performance reduction due to ‘hardware upgrades’:

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X models include hardware upgrades that enable a more advanced performance management system that makes iOS anticipate and prevent an unexpected shutdown.

Having said that, owners of the latest iPhone models can rest easy while at the possible performance reductions caused by old batteries.

Already who owns the other models, the only way that Apple has managed to ‘apologise’ to its customers has been offering a discount on battery replacement; and in Brazil, the procedure goes for $45 in official stores and authorised dealers.

In addition, iOS 11.3 (which has just won its second trial version ) includes features that will allow greater control of processor performance and battery health.

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