Apple Watch detects a Heart Attack with 97 percent accuracy

Apple Watch detects heart attack with 97 percent accuracy

The Apple Watch since inception and launch has been on a long stretch of live saving streak. This, it has achieved as a result of its ultra accurate Heart rate monitor.

Certain users of the Apple Watch have reported how the Heart rate monitor on their smartwatch detected irregularities in the manner of function of their heart in the past. Take the 62-year-old Dennis Anselmo for example; whom his Apple Watch detected an abnormal increase in his heart rate from the usual 50 beats per minute (bpm) to an alarming 210 beats per minute while he was​ at work.

He called Paramedics and he was told that his Apple Watch just saved him from an impending, more severe​ second heart attack that would have arisen if he didn’t notice and tame the unusual and rapid upsurge in his heart rate.

The effectiveness of the Apple Watch heart rate monitor has also been affirmed by a team of researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. The study was conducted using “Cadiogram” – the heart rate monitoring application used on the Apple Watch. A massive 6,000 participants were used as case studies and though a fairly large amount of the participants had a perfectly functioning heart, about 200 were diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (shortly called afib).

Apple Watch detects heart attack
Apple Watch detects heart attack

Greg Marcus, a professor at the University of California, San Francisco who runs the Health eHeart Study says Atrial fibrillation (afib) is a form of irregular heartbeat that happens when the two upper chambers of the heart don’t beat in sync with the two lower chambers. The condition can increase the risk of everything from heart attack to kidney disease to dementia. He further went on to name the symptoms to include complications in breathing and heart palpitations. Sometimes, Atrial fibrillation have been known to be asymptomatic in some patient.

I know many will be skeptical as to whether the Apple Watch heart rate monitor is that sensitive or it was just a PR thing. This is understandable because their watch detects (or has never detected) no problems with their hearts and its functions whatsoever.

Trust me, the heart rate monitor of the Apple Watch is effective. As a matter of fact, the study by the University of California tagged it to be 97 percent accurate at detecting heart problems. That’s an A+. So don’t panic. Just enjoy your healthy heart because any Apple Watch will alert you if there is a problem, or not. Now you can see one of the reasons why we tagged the Apple Watch Series 2 ‘the Smartwatch King’ in our review of the device. Past Apple Watch detects heart attack, let’s see if upcoming Apple Watch​ will do more with maybe a 100 percent accuracy this time.

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