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At what percentage to charge the battery

There are many online guides on how to make your phone’s battery last a long time, but there are few that explain precisely at what percentage it is best to charge the battery of our smartphones. Let’s try to clarify this article.

Some may think that talking about batteries is not interesting. However, it is very useful to know some tricks that will allow you to make the battery of your mobile last longer and not have to change it every two or three years.

Most of us are concerned only with making the battery last all day until we return home.

Only a few people think about how to extend the total duration of the battery life, which is usually about 3 or 4 years but can even reach five years if we follow a few simple rules.

One of these rules or recommendations concerns the% of battery to refer to when we decide to recharge the phone.

At what percentage of battery it is best to charge the phone

We will explain how to charge your mobile phone while maximizing the useful life of the battery so that you can slow down its degradation. The batteries of your mobile have a range of 300 to 500 charge cycles, after which their performance begins to degrade and the maximum energy it supports begins to decrease.

Each time we charge the battery to 100%, a charging cycle is completed, regardless of whether one day we will use 25% and another 75%.

If the batteries of your mobile phone have a range of 300 to 500 charging cycles, this means that on average after two years the health of the battery begins to suffer.

This is inevitable, although there are some practices that cause faster degradation that should be avoided, and some tricks can help you extend this lifespan, on both Android and iOS.

There are several studies that suggest that keeping the battery between 20% and 80% charged is beneficial for its useful life. Other studies say it’s even better to keep it between 40 and 80% – and even go to the extreme, between 40 and 60% – even though the golden rule is to keep it between 20 and 80%.

When it charges over 80% you will force and degrade the battery’s ion cells, which results in its battery health worsening with a battery life that will decrease over time.

The same happens when the battery drops below 20%. Keeping it within these limits, therefore, what you will get is not putting the batteries under so much stress and extending their life span.

Experts recommend charging the battery to 100% perhaps only once a month. This helps recalibrate the battery in the same way it does when you reset a computer or when you go on vacation to break the routine.

So once a month you can completely drain the battery and charge it to 100% to synchronize the operating system’s battery indicator, but nothing more. This way, we’ll make sure that Android or iOS always shows the exact percentage of charge left by the battery, but that’s not something we should abuse.

How to block the battery charge at 80% automatically

The big question is how to always keep that charge on your mobile. For IOS users it is easier since one of the novelties of iOS 13 on the iPhone was a system that stops night charging at 80% through artificial intelligence.

On Android phones, things get very complicated, because you will have to root your phone and install third-party tools such as Magisk ‘s  Advanced Charging Controller, a program with which you can set minimum and maximum limits for loading.

There are also other options to always use if the phone is rooted, such as Battery Charge Limit. There are also other rootless applications that do not limit the percentage but warn you when the desired limits are reached, such as  Battery Charge Notifier.

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