Best Fix For PS4 Auto Eject Problem

If you’re having the PS4 auto Eject problem where your PS4 Console Ejects the disk tray while playing a game. Or turns itself on while turned off just to eject the disk tray then we’ve got a solution for you. If you haven’t experienced this before then you should also follow this guide carefully so as to know what to do if and when it occurs or happens to your PS4 console.

Having your PS4 auto Eject while in the middle of a gameplay can be pretty annoying and it is okay to try to fix the problem. The problem is obviously from the eject button as you have probably guessed. This is a result of the eject button getting stuck somehow pressed in. Thankfully, there are a couple of things we can try out to fix the problem.

Best Fix For PS4 Auto Eject Problem

1. Put Your PS4 Console In A Vertical Position

This method has been reported to fix the problem for those experiencing them as most people experiencing this problem had their PS4 in a horizontal position (Sony logo in the Left and PS4 logo in the left). To Fix the problem, you’ll to put your PS4 in a vertical possible (Sony logo at the bottom and PS4 at the top). That should fix the problem. If the problem still problem still persist then try the next step.

2. Put Some CD Cases Underneath Your PS4 Console

Putting your PS4 console in a vertical position might not set right with a lot of people. This because it can easy Fall in that position. So if you would like to keep your PS4 console in a horizontal position then placing a couple of CD Cases Underneath might also stop it from auto ejecting.

3. Tighten The Screw

Standing your PS4 console in a vertical position, remove the glossy HDD panel at the top of the PS4 console. You’ll find a small Screw once you remove the panel, look for a screwdriver and tighten it.

PS4 Console Still Auto Ejecting?

If your PS4 auto Eject problem is still occuring after trying the above steps then you also try removing the rubber foot at the side of the eject button. This is said to also fix the problem. However, this might cause your PS4 console to be a little wobbly. If your PS4 console still has warranty coverage then you should also consider taking it back to Sony for a replacement.

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