How to Track Lost or Stolen Phones

We have made a list of Applications which will help you to track down your phone to destroy it so that it will totally be useless for the thief. This have doesn’t only destroy your stolen phone, but it can also help you ensure its safety.

We actually know how it feels to lose your expensive phone, we have all being in that situation before, and we begin to say things like, if known to us, we wouldn’t have done this or that. Do you know the funniest thing, that’s exactly how everyone is going to die. Yeah. So the best thing is for everyone to be always ready, always backup your files. And you can now even store most of your documents, images, anything at all on Google Drive.

How to Track Lost or Stolen Phones

These are the applications to install on your phone.

  1. SeekDroid App – – This is a high-quality application that can help you track down your device. SeekDriod presently cost about $4.99, we currently used SeekDroid to find my iOS, and it worked. This SeekDriod helps one to have power over your GPS distantly and also helps you wipe both your internal storage and memory card (SDcards) distantly and stops thieves from uninstalling your apps. This application has so many attributes but using the below links; you can download this app by CLICKING HERE.
  2. Lookout Plan B: – This is another critical application that can be used to track any Android phone, the reason why we like this app is that it automatically track your phone and send the location even if it just pre-installed on your device. So you can download this excellent high – quality app HERE.
  3. Find My Phone: – As the name implies, Find my Phone, it will surly find your phone. this application is free for tracking your phone but it can also track your kids. This app can track down your phone by using your friends phone to track it.  And the good news is that it can be done anywhere. If your name is in that person’s list, I mean contact list. You can download this app here. LINK.
  4. Norton Anti-Theft: – a lot of people know about Norton anti-theft, this app is the most popular application that tracks phones. It is done by you uploading images to Norton website that can help you track your phone. This Norton Anti-Theft application can be downloaded here LINK.

We hope this article has helped you to know the ways you can use to track down your phones. If  you have any questions or contributions kindly drop your comments below.

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