7 Best iPhone & iPad Shopping List Apps in 2024

In this article, we will showcase some of the best iPhone & iPad shopping list apps out there. In these times when people have more to do and less time to accomplish tasks, it is ever more important to use shopping list apps. They help the user to not forget vital information regarding the things they want to purchase.

Shopping list apps have come to the rescue for those who often forget what to buy and have to go back reluctantly to get what they forgot. It is also important to note that these apps can help you the user to make better choices when shopping.

Below, we list the best seven of these iPhone and iPad shopping list apps in 2024.

1. Shared Grocery: Shopping List

Shared Grocery
Shared Grocery

This app is also known as a list maker or a shopping assistant. With the use of the app, you will be able to enter items in a shopping organizer list and automatically arrange them by order of the store you bought them from.

Did you buy one object in the past that you will buy again? The shopping assistant feature in the app can help you to remember that when next you’re shopping. That means it will be hard for you to remember to purchase an important item when next you shop.

Price: Free to download and use. In case users want premium features they can pay $1.99 to get them.

Features of Shared Grocery: Shopping List

  • It is simple to use
  • Offers predictive auto-fill of items, and auto-assignment of stores to items. That is based on your normal shopping habits
  • Share your shopping memo with others
  • It works with other apps like Siri. You can also put it on the home screen quick actions
  • Check out how often you bought items

Get Shared Grocery: Shopping List for free HERE

2. Skip Checkout

Skip Checkout
Skip Checkout

With this app, you are able to skip the checkout line. This app will help you to scan your items as you shop. You’re able to pay straight from your phone so you don’t have to waste time standing in the queue. Check out your shopping history and set prices easily using the app. Place order ahead of time to make everything quick.

Price: 100 percent free to download, install, and use.

Features of Skip Checkout

  • Know what price you’ll be paying in advance
  • Link your payment card to avoid delay in payment
  • Check out your shopping history and receipts
  • Fast scanning capability

Get Skip Checkout for free HERE

3. Shoppylist – Grocery List


Create shopping lists quickly and share them with family and friends. As you create a new list, the app will present smart suggestions that can help you do a good job of not leaving anything important out. After you’ve gone out, you can access your list from the phone’s lock screen.

Price: It is free to download, install and use but there’s a premium version that attracts $1.99.

Features of Shoppylist

  • It suggests items as you type them
  • You can select items from a catalog
  • Check out most bought items
  • Add description, quantity, and price to items
  • Manage multiple lists on the app
  • Sort items by category

Get Shoppylist for free HERE

4. Shopping Pro (Grocery List)

Shopping Pro
Shopping Pro

This app really helps if you forgot your shopping list at home. It makes use of iCloud auto-sync technology that makes it easy for all in the family to share the information. Others can also edit and make use of a ‘live’ list. Users can resort to file-sharing, backing up, importing and exporting, creating a built-in catalog, changing designs, smart search, and doing other things with this app.

Price: It goes for $2.99 with a ton of features

Features of Shopping Pro

  • It has a master catalog
  • Edit as often as you and your family members want
  • iCloud auto-sync
  • print or email list

Get Shopping Pro for $2.99 HERE

5. Organizy – Shopping List (Grocery List)


With this app, you can quickly and efficiently add products, have items grouped by aisles, and you can even choose themes that suit you. Users love it as they use one hand on their iPhones to strike out items bought, while with the other hand they place items in the cart.

The app has a must-buy section at the top of the list. That helps the user never to miss an important item again.

Price: Organizy costs $0.99

Features of Organizy

  • A simple, easy-to-use app
  • It auto-completes suggestions as you type
  • Products are grouped in aisles
  • One-hand strike-out feature
  • One-time purchase

Get Organizy for $0.99 HERE

6. Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries Shopping List
Our Groceries Shopping List

This free app is designed to help you never forget items when you go to purchase at the store. It gives you opportunities to browse meal ideas, add photos, share items on the list with others, create as many shopping lists as you desire, and more. You have additional features in the app for making meal preps, but it makes your shopping a breeze.

Price: It is free to download, install and use. To use it ad-free, you need to pay $9.99

Our Groceries Shopping List Features

  • Sync with others, such as family members
  • Create multiple lists, add images
  • Gives users meal ideas
  • Free, but has in-app purchases

Get Our Groceries Shopping List HERE

7. AnyList: Grocery Shopping List


This app also comes with abundant list creation features. You can achieve the creating of a list with just one or two taps if you know your onions. It is possible to sync lists on multiple devices so you never lose a thing. The app gives you the privilege to print as well as soon as you finish compiling your items in a list.

Price: It is available for free download. However, the premium mode attracts payment of $9.99 for one year of individual use, while family subscription is up to $14.99

AnyList Features

  • Helps you to know what you want to buy in advance
  • Compile ingredient database
  • Easy to use
  • Search for various recipes online
  • Organize all your ingredients on a shopping list

Get AnyList HERE

What to consider before downloading the apps

There are some things to put into consideration before you download each of these apps. Check just three of them out below.

  • Check out the features of the app first before you download them. Even the paid ones may not give you exactly what you want, while you can be more satisfied with free apps.
  • Check out your version of iOS before you download
  • Check out reviews on Apple Playstore before you make the decision to download the app.


That’s it on the best apps for creating shopping lists in 2024. Take note that all of these apps are only for iOS, no Android apps are mentioned above. As long as you can download an app and use it for free, that will make you decide if you more or if you’re okay with what it offers at the present time.

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