Call of Duty – Warzone changes the matchmaking system. Cheaters will play with each other

Infinity Ward studio puts a higher gear in the fight against cheaters, who unfortunately are also present in their latest production. Of course, their appearance was only a matter of time and we can only keep our fingers crossed for the effectiveness of the actions taken by the creators of Call of Duty- Warzone.

More features to fight cheaters will debut this week. As we read on Twitter, players reporting cheaters will receive information about the banning of a suspicious account, changes will also see matchmaking, which will pair cheating players with each other. Infinity Ward also announces increased resources to combat this problem, and soon cheater reporting will also go to observer and killcam mode:

The fight against cheaters is important because, due to the cross-play function, they also penetrate the console version of the game. That is why the network has recently reported that people playing the game on PS4 or Xbox One turn off cross-play wanting to avoid cheaters from the PC version of the game.

If you want to join the fun with the new CoD, take a look at the current prices of the box, console editions of the game.

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