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Cooler Master MM730 Review – an ultra lightweight RGB gaming mouse

The Cooler Master MM730 Gaming Mouse is known today as one of the sleekest and most lightweight wired gaming mice on the market, making people always think about it whenever there is a need to get a gaming mouse.

The product arrived on the market in July 2021, which means this gaming mouse is still fairly young when compared to other products like it.

This detailed review shows that as you will see reading further, the accessory delivers on the promise of being a lightweight device and providing a responsive gaming experience for the user.

Let’s examine what makes this product a spectacular one and what drawbacks a buyer should be aware of before deciding to buy it.

Cooler Master MM730: Drawing comparisons (MM730 & MM731)

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 01
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse

This MM730 gaming mouse is superior to others when it comes to weight. For example, it is 10 grams lesser than its wireless partner, the MM731. But being lightweight is not the only plus for the gaming mouse. It is also versatile. Users actually see this MM730 as adaptable, flexible, resourceful, and suitable for multipurpose use.

If you’re looking for a gaming mouse that easily lends itself, offering optimal performance for gaming while also being useful for other tasks, the MM730 is the right one for you. It comes with an excellent sensor that enables quick response times. It successfully delivers on these fronts.

Checking out the MM731, which is the wireless partner to the MM730, there are so many features that are identical in both devices. They are both sleek, simplistic in design, and they have distinguished themselves apart from other prominent gaming mice we see out there.

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 07
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 07

For instance, check out the RGB accents that you can see on the scroll wheel, and also check out the logo. You may notice that the MM730 doesn’t have much lighting as other products like Razer and Logitech.

Cooler Master MM730 design

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 05
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse

The mouse arrives in acceptable colors of black and white. The two colors blend well in any setting, such as inside an office or inside a school. The shape and size of the MM730 are also well accepted, as nothing is bogus when you place it before a computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop. The winning strategy is that the manufacturer carefully designed something that looks more like a traditional computer mouse than a gaming mouse. That makes its design simplistic, yet the product is a powerful one. The dimensions of the mouse are 122.3 x 69.0 x 39.1 mm. It boasts PixArt Optical Sensor.

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 06
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse Design

The product was designed with tested safe materials such as ABS plastic, rubber, and PTFE materials for low friction. These pose no dangers whatsoever to the user. There are up to six buttons on this mouse, making its versatility possible for those who love to explore. The cable has an ultra weave clothing material measuring 6ft (type-C to Type-A).

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 03
Cooler Master Mm730

Cooler Master MM730 weight

It is lightweight, as stated above. However, one may ask: just how lightweight is the Cooler Master MM730? It is 49 grams light. This is the greatest attribute of this mouse. Also, it is one of the most noticeable for first-time users who happen to remove it for the first from the packing. One may think that this product will appear cheaply built or flimsy. No, that’s not the case, as even the braided cord has a premium feel and is also lightweight in such a way to give the entire mouse good mobility in all directions.

What clicks are like when using Cooler Master MM730

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 13
Cooler Master MM730 Mouse

You can press the buttons easily but when there is an error made, its use is a bit tough. But there are two additional buttons to the left side that work as forward and backward buttons such as you use on a Windows computer. Once you get used to that, clicking to make corrections become easier. The good part is that when you’re engaged in activities that require a lot of clicking, it is so unobtrusive because the clicking makes no sound. Users who play FPS or other games will surely not be bogged down with a lot of click noise.

Cooler Master MM730’s speed

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 14
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse

Operating the mouse is a breeze. It is quite fast as some users later came to understand. The default setting gives it a low DPI but there’s a button on the underside that you can use for quick customization. That allows for a more optimal setting that gives the mouse a better speed when you operate it. The manufacturer placed the button whereas you make use of it, your hand will not be able to accidentally click it. It is placed under the mouse, near the sensor. The setting you choose can remain consistent for a long time, that is until you change it.

MM730 Gaming Mouse improved glide capacity

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 11
MM730 Gaming Mouse improved glide capacity

The MM730 by default comes with PTFE feet that allow it to glide in a new improved manner. Other features such as the LK optical mouse switch sensors and an optical encoder for improved precision and glide make it a really responsive mouse, giving other gaming mice a big challenge, as the MM730 may be the best gaming mouse of 2023 because of this feature.

As a gaming master, constantly looking for more ways to speed up things, the MM730 offers the opportunity to scroll beyond the speed of light. The scroll wheel enables that, as the mouse comes with an optical encoder that utilizes a light source instead of moving parts, for its scrolling capacity.

The scrolling technology in this mouse is now proven to be more durable, more accurate, more responsive, and less slaggy.

Cooler Master MM730’s RGB features

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 09
MM730 Gaming Mouse RGB features

The RGB features are useful as it is the means by which a user can identify which onboard profile is currently in use. RGB lighting can be seen on both the scroll wheel and the logo. These give a splash of personality to your game. More importantly, the LED lights serve as a good indicator for the currently assigned DPI. Many users see these as stylish accents for form and function.

Connect Mouse with MasterPlus+

Mm730 Masterplus
Mm730 Masterplus+

The product relies heavily on this MasterPlus+ software for customization options available that can either increase or decrease the brightness and movement of the light when a player moves and clicks the mouse. However, fans of LED customization may find this featureless in appeal. The majority of options are inaccessible without this software download and use.

Click here to download MasterPlus+ suite support.

Cooler Master MM730 Price

At the moment, the Cool Master MM730 Gaming Mouse is sold for $73.51 on Amazon.

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Disadvantages of Cooler Master MM730

The MM730 Gaming Mouse has been praised a lot for its good features and specs. However. It is not a perfect product. There are essentially two major drawbacks affecting the product negatively.

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 08
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse Size

One is the size and customizability. Even though the mouse fits with the PC or laptop it works it, not appearing too big or too small when it stands beside them, a user with larger hands may not enjoy it so much because of the hand positioning which can feel a little too rounded and claw-like. This issue will not be noticed by most users, though.

The second issue is that the RGB features on the mouse are extremely subtle, almost always covered by the player’s hand. It could have been an oversight from the manufacturer, as it could have been deliberate.

Full Specs of Cooler Master MM730

Mouse Sensor PixArt Optical Sensor
CPI/DPI 7 Levels
Tracking Speed 400 ips
Polling rate 125/250/500/1000 Hz
Acceleration 50g
Weight 49g
Dimensions 122.3 x 69.0 x 39.1 mm
Mouse Switches Optical switches, 70 million
Compatible OS Windows 8+, macOS
Connectivity Wired
Warranty 2 years

Cooler Master MM730’s Pros

  • The MM730 is super lightweight
  • It feels very durable, though lightweight, and it is well-engineered
  • The optical sensor technology ensures speedy movement and response time, helping users improve their performance in almost all games
  • It offers itself for versatile use in the corporate world and in the educational system
  • It is very efficient for limiting accidental clicks
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 10
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 10

Cooler Master MM730’s Cons

  • It has a few usability and color features that are less than optimal
  • It is more expensive

Cooler Master MM730 happy customer comments

This customer has been waiting eagerly for the product to arrive. He read elsewhere that there is a floaty feel to the mouse, that it has a high motion delay and a ‘slam click’ attribute to it also. By the time he bought it, the latest firmware update had solved the problem with slam clicks.

Later he did testing of it on MouseComparator and found that the MM730 is on equal ground with the Razer Viper Ultimate. But this user finds the MM730 gaming mouse more comfortable during use. One of the reasons for this is that the mouse lends itself better for right-hand use. He also found out that the slam clicks were occurring due to the optical switches with zero debounce time, which the firmware update solved. The update added a 1 -2 ms delay for the clicks.

Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 12
Cooler Master Mm730 Gaming Mouse 12

The user recommends that when doing updates to the firmware or software, use wireless internet, for it is a more reliable source of internet network. Cooler Master must do better on this side, allowing firmware updates to be done online seamlessly without asking users to switch to wireless connections.

He loves the lightweight part, claiming he never knew what he had been missing until he tried this lightweight gaming mouse. All the other high-end specs make it easy for long-term gaming.

The battery life is also good, and a user will not be thinking of charging it for a long time. The mouse also comes with a dongle extender. It is nice to keep the dongle plugged into the adapter, while the wire is plugged into the back of the PC. For this user, there is no need to think about charging his MM730 at all. He doesn’t even care about knowing how long this product can go without charging.

Since the IPS or inches per second is 400, he sees it as an equitable means for making tracking to be on point. The PTFE feet are amazing, and he claims this really an upgrade from other mice that he used previously. For him, the MM730 doesn’t scratch his pad as other users claim.

Cooler Master MM730 critical comments

This buyer believes that the mouse is actually one of the best anyone can purchase right now. However, there are issues that need clearing because it seems to have some QC issues.

He lists the top five features that appeal to him:

  1. The top sensor is something available on the product under review but clearly missing from other mice.
  2. Optical Switches to prevent any double-clicking issues are lacking in other high-quality mice sold today.
  3. The 49 grams in weight is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the technology of mice in 2022.
  4. The 140-hour battery life is amazing too.
  5. It comes with USB-C that is clearly lacking in other accessories.

There are other mice he may consider, such as the Razer Viper Ultimate (mentioned above) but he would ditch it because it is heavier. Another competitor is the Roccat Kone Pro Air, but there are issues with scrolling in that product. He also has a problem with slam clicks that occur when lifting the mouse and placing it back on the mousepad. That action causes a click to register, and that’s not very palatable for users. This could also be a QC issue.

The other major issue for this user is the scroll wheel which in fact, may not be an issue for everyone. He said when he scrolls because the scroll wheel is stiff, the mouse moves down. He couldn’t tell if that has to do with the lightweight of the mouse. The mouse doesn’t also feel “ergo’ for him, and for that sole reason, he would be sending it back to the manufacturer.


Even if there are aspects in which the MM730 hasn’t done well, these aspects are minimal, and won’t change the perceptions of the general user. The gaming mouse scores big on features that matter, such follows:

  • Lightweight design, responsiveness
  • 6ft long Ultraweave cable
  • Gaming-grade hardware
  • Upgraded mouse feet

Users love it for its ability in speed, weight, battery life, and ergonomic lifestyle.

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