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Samsung claims there is no difference between Exynos and Snapdragon SoCs

The very recent Samsung Galaxy S20 are undeniably some of the most powerful smartphones on the market, whether it has the European version with the SoC Exynos 990, or the North American version with the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. However, it is also undeniable that there is a significant difference in the performance of these two models! With the advantage to the side of Qualcomm, which thanks to a slightly more powerful GPU, is able to not only offer better performance on a daily basis but also a little more battery life.

It is something that is more than proven, after several YouTubers and Media made the comparison, revealing the whole truth! However, Samsung does not agree with any of this.

Samsung says there is no difference between Exynos and Snapdragon chips


Therefore, in a statement, Samsung stated that whether it uses the Snapdragon version or the Exynos version of the Galaxy S20, the performance will be exactly the same. In fact, the South Korean giant guarantees that both SoCs are going through a rigorous testing phase. In order to ensure that performance is optimal and that it will withstand the entire product life cycle.

However, even though it is a statement with some truth, since the real performance between the two devices is not that different, with all the features and capabilities intact. It is also true that consumers have long since stopped being stupid, and know-how to see that there is a difference in products with the same exact name and price. And whether it is significant or not, the manufacturer should breastfeed the bullets and really explain what is going on.

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Especially because on another side of this story, Samsung itself knows that the Exynos 990 would take the beating seriously in the market!

After all, if you don’t remember, one of the first leaks about the new Galaxy S20, is that the only market to receive the Exynos version would be the European. Only and only because Samsung itself had decided that the performance gap was too high.

Normally, the Japanese, American and Chinese markets receive the Snapdragon version, while all other models have SoC Exynos. However, this time, even South Korea received the North American chip. In fact, it seems that even Samsung’s chip division is humiliated that only the European continent receives the Exynos version.

But forgetting all of this, the real problem here is that we have several European consumers unhappy with their purchase after seeing the comparisons. Or even some enthusiasts, or just fans of the brand who now refuse to buy one of the phones! Because they know that performance falls far short of the Global model, which in the end… It costs exactly the same. So, taking into account that things are no longer easy with the epidemic, losing sales through the use of SoC does not seem at all a positive thing for the company.

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  1. There is something Samsung isn’t telling us here. If both chip-sets pose the same performance, then why produce your smartphones with different chip-sets at the first place?

    Why not just pick one and go on with it? See the likes of Huawei and Apple making use of their own in-house built chip-sets to power their smartphones.


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