1. Hi I registered my swisscoin account around 4 years back, but I forgot my password and the email I was using back then. I haven’t been active, how can I reset my password and the new email. Please help

  2. Hi Friend, kindly help,I registered and purchased coins in 2017,,and was sent a confirmatory mail ,,However I haven’t logged in yet because I lost email to haclers,but I now recovered my mail but I can’t log into my Swiss coin account.
    Any way to help?

  3. Is it necessary to purchase the education pack ?
    I guess we can also directly purchase swisscoins on coinexchange.io & start trading
    Whats the advantage of buying an education pack over directly owning the swisscoins

  4. Please am a starter in the investment of cryptocurrencies and I want to start with swisscoin so I don’t have Bitcoin. I also don’t have the other means of checking out. So my question is “is cash allowed or can I pay using my visa card”?

  5. I already transfer the bitcoin to my swisscoin wallet and it succes with my buying package ,,unfortunately the problem is I wrongly sent the amount .the amount i sent is bigger than the amount i should pay for the package.it not shown in the wallet that i have an extra bitcoin amount.what should i do to claim .

  6. Sir , I am from India and I have submitted kyc two days ago but it’s still showing pending please tell me how much time it will take to get verify

  7. Are there bank charges when using ur noticing account and again is it necessary to provide ur surname in addition to ur User name

    • Our tokens will be doubled and divided on the difficulty level after the split indicator reach 100%..
      For example, you got the 250 € pack, you will get 2500 tokens;;; then
      (2500×2)÷4= 1250 SwissCoin

      For the diamond, you have to reach the requirement as asked in the Career area.

      Please, if you haven’t register yet, PLEASE do ASAP

  8. Compliments of the season. Am writing from Nigeria. The explanation given about how to fund my wallet is still not clear. Can I use pay in naira eqivallent of the Euro with my ATM card or mobil banking?

  9. I am finding it difficult verifying my account and as such I not been able to fund my account.
    Kindly assist me with information on how to verify my swisscoin account. Thank you

  10. Please guide me how to carry on with buying packs and tell me how this whole process became money and what can I do now.I was just asking a guide from the start till now no help.Please reply on my email.


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