Get Luminous Inverters And Batteries Now And Pay Later In Easy Instalments

Purchasing a smartphone or a tablet is quite overwhelming because there is so much to choose from, but thanks to sites scatter across the internet and data that is readily available online to help you decide, you can always narrow down your choice. Of course, you’ll still need to put in the work to make a decision, but it’s definitely better than purchasing an inverter, as there are lots of choices involved without comparative reviews and vital research.

As you already know, Nigeria is the country for frequent power cuts, so you should always have a power backup to keep up with the daily activities you need electricity for. Fortunately for you, the simple solution is to get an inverter which is basically a battery system that stores electricity from your mains, and powers your house immediately there is a cut. However, because the batteries are being charged on your mains, expect your power bills to go up, but it is definitely worth the increment since it ensures your constant power is guaranteed.

If you are not aware, one of the best inverters out there is Luminous, a worldwide brand of power inverters and battery, and its product is available in capacities of 600 VA to 3.5KVA for low power applications, and up to 10 KVA for commercial applications. If you’re not aware, Luminous also provide phase inverters up to 150 KVA. 850VA to 20KVA Luminous inverter price ranges from 57,000 Naira to 1,600,000 naira, excluding battery and installation. See Get Luminous Inverters And Batteries Now And Pay Later In Easy Instalments:

Get Luminous Inverters Instalments
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If you have been looking for an easy way to own an inverter, the Luminous brand definitely has you covered. Luckily for you, there is a brand new Luminous Buy Now Pay Later offer that lets you buy quality inverters and batteries right now, and then pay in installments for a specific period of time.

Also, this Ramadan, you’ll get a free gift when you purchase any Luminous Inverter + Battery Combo, and if you need more details, you can reach the company via this phone number – 0700 111 22 33. Be aware that terms and conditions will apply.

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Featured combos include:

1. Regalia:

This is your one-box power backup solution that costs N499,000, and you’ll get free AC Guard 16 alongside it.

  1. It charges completely within 2-4 hours.
  2. It grants you access to a mobile app interface.
  3. WiFi and touch screen are activated.
  4. Power surge & short circuit protection is guaranteed.
Get Luminous Inverters Instalments
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2. Luminous Cruze + Batteries:

(1) Luminous 4kva/48v Cruze Inverter +
(4) 220AH Luminous NRGT Tubular Batteries. You’ll get free AC Guard 20 and it costs N1,075,000.

  1. It guarantees pure sine wave output.
  2. Its changeover is highly synchronized.
  3. You’ll have access to an LCD Display.
  4. You’ll be able to bypass the switch.

Just fill the form here to participate.

You can as well create your combo by selecting from the many inverters and batteries options available.

That is that.

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