Google hires Apple engineer to help develop their own chipsets

Many smartphone makers nowadays are already jumping to manufacture their own processors. Huawei owns Kirin, Samsung has Exynos, Apple has the A-series chips, and even LG may be returning to developing its own processors. But another company is also eyeing this market: Google!


An Apple engineer (now a former engineer, right?), John Bruno, left his position in Cupertino to join the Google team in an unspecified post.

According to The Information, Bruno was one of the top engineers who founded and led the group that looks at whether the processors used in iPhones and iPads are good enough to stay abreast of the competition. Before joining Apple in 2012, Bruno led the engineering behind AMD’s Fusion processors while also working on chip design for ATI.

According to his LinkedIn page, Bruno confirms that he has joined Google as a “systems architect” and does not tell very well what he will do within the search giant, but whatever we know John Bruno is competent enough to raise even more the level of Google in the hardware.

In addition to Bruno, Google also hired former employees of Qualcomm, the largest maker of smartphone chipsets today. And that may be pointing out that the Mountain View Giant might be developing new processors for the Pixel line of smartphones, making them even faster, more stable, and more powerful, reaching an Apple level by optimizing their own smartphones’ operating system for their own processors.

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